Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: The Great Obama Catharsis

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The Great Obama Catharsis: Hanson
The Usual Suspects: The ‘Kaiser’ Soze of Obamaland: BG
From ‘Scandal-Free’ to Near Scandal Fatigue in Three Weeks: Blumer

California to Ban e-Verify: JW
IL Congressman Apologizes to Muslims for 'Discrimination': RWN
Obama’s Jobs Bill Ends State Sovereignty?: NoisyRm


Art Cashin's Three Observations On The Millionaire Tax: ZH
Dumb and Dumber: the Obama Jobs Plan: IBD
CPAs celebrate as Obama proposes new Alternative Minimum Tax: BG

Let’s Call It ‘The American Class Warfare Package’: RWN
The Tax Code Is Already Steeply-Progressive: ATR
Obama Proposes $4T in Spending Cuts 'Over 120 Years': Mish

Obama's urgent jobs plan: Right now, After Another Vacation: LAT
GM/UAW negotiates $5K bonuses with itself: BlogProf
Perry: Tea Partyer in name only?: JRubin

Gunrunner & Solyndra

Soros-Backed Group Was Solyndra Cheerleader Too: IBD
Fast & Furious: Cover up of third gun found at scene of agent’s death to protect informant?: Hot Air
Triumphant Liberal Comments from 2009 on Solyndra Loan: PunditPress


Filling in the blanks for Bill Keller: Patterico
Proof That Team Obama Is Panicked About Jewish Voters In 2012: Glob
Groucho Marx Saves America: AT

Chicago Editorial Writer Suggests Obama Step Down After First Term: Fox
Will Arrogant Obama Quote (‘It’s Math’) Get Relayed Widely?: BizzyBlog
Time for a little golf: Dossier

They Live, We Sleep: Cliffs of Insanity
MSDNC anchor unwittingly reminds GOP what they’re up against: Toldjah
WHD Unveils New “Report to Attackwatch” Button: Dossier


The End of Palestine: Knish
Iranian Ambassador: UN Vote "a Step Towards Wiping Out Israel": IPT
The Failed Policies of the West: BRubin

Europe’s Moral Decadence Fuels Spread of Islamic Fundamentalism: PJM
The AFL-CIO vs. Guatemala: Fausta
Gutsy Gals in Muslim Indonesia Hold Slut Walk Protest in Miniskirts & Leggings: GWP

Ground Zero Mosque To Open This Wednesday: WZ
Mother of 4 Terrorist Murderers Leads Procession For Palestinian Statehood: GWP
S&P Downgrades Italy; Euro, Futures Tumble : ZH


Researchers to detail hole in Web encryption: CNet
Fraud Watch – Twitter Censors Opposition to Obama from ‘Trending’ Reports: #AttackWatch: NoisyRm
Wall Street Journal to unveil app for Facebookers: CNet


The Lost Solyndra Proposal: Ace
Interactive Collective Quiz: Cube
The Real Mad Men of Washington: it’s a Reality Show: MOTUS

Image: Gateway Pundit
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Stop Obama's Greek Bailout (FreedomWorks)

QOTD: "[The Millionaire’s Tax] proposal flies in the face of the lessons of history. According to the Tax Foundation, after the 1929 crash, Congress proceeded to raise the top marginal tax rate from 25% to 63% by the end of Hoover’s term (hat tip to the sharpeyed Mike Higley’s “By the Numbers”). As you may recall, hiking those rates may have made folks feel that rates were more equitable but it sure didn’t help the economy." --Art Cashin

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