Sunday, September 18, 2011

Attention AFL-CIO, IBEW, Teamsters and UMW Members: Your Christmas Gift From the White House is Here... 116,000 Layoffs

CleanTechnica gleefully reports that effective January 2012, the EPA is scheduled to shut down 20 percent of all coal plants in America.

The EPA will shut down an estimated 20% of the nation’s coal plants through the ground-level ozone rule (the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR) ) through cap and trade that is about to be implemented in January 2012. Opponents of the Obama administration’s “over-reaching” EPA say these are costly regulations. Financial analysts estimate that the cost of this rule will be $130 billion by 2015. But if that figure is correct, that’s good news for the US economy.

...Because there is another way of looking at that $130 billion “expense”. One industry’s expense is another industry’s sales bonanza. For the coal industry’s balance sheet, it is an expense, but think about who is going to perform this $130 billion cleanup – fairies? Hardly. This is a job for real American industries...

Consider the raw idiocy behind this line of "reasoning":

• America's coal industry employs 126,000 workers directly and another 455,000 workers whose jobs are indirectly dependent upon the coal industry.

• Closing 20% of America's coal factories will result in the immediate layoffs of about 116,000 workers, many of them union members in the mining, electrical, transportation and service industries.

Blackouts and brownouts will become commonplace: there is no way to shutter roughly 10% of America's electric generation capacity without causing shortages and rationing.

• And simple supply-and-demand will cause skyrocketing prices for electricity, which will be paid for directly by retail customers (you and I) as well as businesses, which will also pass those costs on to consumers like -- yes -- you and I.

The executive summary for you hard-working, dues-paying members of the AFL-CIO, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, the Teamsters and the United Mine Workers: the Democrat Party is now aligned with the hard-left Eco-Marxist movement and it is using your money to destroy your jobs.

Remember in 2012.


Reliapundit said...

obama knows he's gonna lose so he's doing everything he can ASAP to destroy the usa.

Mt Top Patriot said...

I think his plan all along, with the help of his ilk, has been to carpet bomb every aspect of our Republic into submission, lay her flat, and when we are at our most vulnerable come in for the kill and throw everything under the bus of tyranny.

obama is a psychopathic maniac.
No one but the most decrepit foul evil person could and would do the things he is doing. He is a false profit, a con man, a natural born pathological liar. His ill gotten title of president means nothing now. obama is a farce of a man, if you can call him a man.

But he and his kind will never win. No matter how terrible his acts of destruction, treason, and tyranny. The idea of Liberty, of freedom, of prosperity and happiness, of self determination, will overcome any tribulations he and his kind create.
You can not kill an idea, you can not destroy ideals and principles.
You see, I believe, I believe in something greater than myself, something grander, I believe in what America truly is. I believe in my fellow Americans, that when the worst is thrown against us, we will rise above such evil, we will prevail.
Obama is nothing. His kind are worthless flotsam, they represent everything wrong on God's green Earth.
obama and his ilk's time is up.
Up their arses!

Jim - PRS said...

The One is either the personification of pure evil, or he is a madman. I wish him a long life, just somewhere else.

Phil said...

Well, at least that's one promise Obama has kept: