Monday, September 26, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Obama to Blacks-Take Off Your Slippers; Stop Complaining

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Obama to Blacks-Take Off Your Slippers; Stop Complaining: ConBlkChk
Obama tries isolating, polarizing Blacks to shore his base: CY
Every Single One: Justice Dept. in Turmoil: PJM

A new Chicago-based minority voter outreach program: Malkin
Obama To CBC: Quit Crying And Complaining: RWN
Obama Mocks Perry, Republican Debates: Hill

Why does the good life end?: Hanson
GOP disappointed in Perry, divided over future: York
Man of the Hour – Herman Cain: NoisyRm


Global Bust-Up: Steyn
Telegraph notes IMF lending limit others ignored: NB
The UAW's Waning Days?: RWN

Gunrunner & Solyndra

Feds used ATF employee to walk guns -- without straw buyer: SSI
Obama Scandal Checklist: Operation Fast And Furious: Wizbang
Mellow Bob on Solyndra: Parkway Rest Stop

Climate & Energy

EPA’s Tighter Ozone Standards Will Strangle Economic Recovery: Foundry
Global Warming Hysteria: Skepticism Is Not “Anti-Science”: FrstThngs
The Amazing Decline in Deaths from Extreme Weather in an Era of Global Warming: WUWT


No to Chris Christie: AmSpec
Tea Party Terrorists? Here's What Should Really Terrify You: RedCounty
Elizabeth Warren - There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own: AnBlkCon

Chicago Tribune op-ed on sweetheart union pension deal: "Yes, this is corrupt": Marathon
When it Comes to Wealthy Campaign Donors, What’s in a Name?: Malkin
RNC Chair Priebus Owns DNC’s Wasserman-Schultz On ‘Face The Nation’: Breitbart


France Bans Muslim Street Prayers; Muslims Protest, Chant 'Death To The Jews': JoshuaPundit
Kansas Pastor Banned From Islamic Center After Handing Out Bibles: Creeping
Mexican woman decapitated by notorious drug gang after posting on the internet about criminals: NYDN

Obama is Dangerous For Piece: Lewis
Cain rips CAIR, ISNA, Muslim Brotherhood--promises prosecution: WZ
Feel-Good Story of the Day: WZ


For Chicago traders, Twitter delivers real-time info — plus camaraderie: ChiBiz
USA Today's Twitter account falls victim to hackers: CNet
Trademark Watch: Windows Phone 7.5 Will “Put People First”: Crunch


Cheech and Chong's Latest Adventure: Front Porch Anarchist
This Week in Automotivators, September 19-25: RWN
UN Choir Sings Somebody to Hate: Viral Footage

Image: Palestinian boy holds a sign against US President Barack Obama
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Allen West for Congress

QOTD: "Why is it more moral for a federal bureaucrat in a state-supplied SUV to shut down an offshore oil rig on grounds that it is too dangerous for the environment than for a private individual to risk his own capital to find some sort of new fuel to power his government’s SUV fleet? All affluent societies believe that they are just too rich not to be able to afford another regulation, just one more moralizing indulgence, yet again an added entitlement. But as we see now in postmodern America, idle 250,000 acres of farmland for a tiny fish, shut down an entire oilfield, put off a new natural gas find in worry over possible environmental alteration, add a cent to the sales tax, mandate yet another prescription drug entitlement not funded, or offer yet another in-state tuition discount to an illegal alien — and the costs finally equate to an implosion as we see in Greece or California. And as we know from past collapses, a new entitlement in a matter of minutes becomes an institutionalized right whose withdrawal causes far more anguish than its prior nonexistence. Justinian learned that when he sought to cut the civil service and almost lost his throne." --Victor Davis Hanson

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