Thursday, September 22, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: LightSquared: Obama’s Dangerous Broadband Boondoggle

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LightSquared: Obama’s Dangerous Broadband Boondoggle: Malkin
The Worst-Kept Secret in Washington, DC: AT
Obama's announcement from his sinking ship: RWN

Photo ID Laws: Welcome Back, Jim Crow?: Barber
Palin only Five Points Behind Obama: Dossier
NYPD Is Arresting Wall Street Protesters for Wearing Masks: Atlantic


In Ohio, ObamaCare Will Increase Premiums 55 to 85%: Kesler
Harry Reid apparently doesn't love Barack Obama: Malkin
The Three Worst States to Conduct Business: CA, NY, IL: Mish

Obama donor/medical records czar gets huge fed contracts: RWN
Obama: I wear my class warfare as a badge of honor: Hot Air
The Big Labor Aroma in Tacoma: Malkin

Gunrunner & Solyndra

A Scandal Everyone Should Be Concerned About: RS
Audio: Agent killed by F&F weapons was “collateral damage”: Hot Air
A good question regarding Operation Gunrunner: Cold Fury

Climate & Energy

Even after Solyndra, Obama continues to shower money on green energy ratholes: RWN
Al Gore: 8.6M People Tuned Into My 24-Hour Global Warming Marathon--Reality: 17K: WZ
Would You Be Shocked to Discover That “Climate Funds” Have Been Abused?: RWN


Bayes and Nice People: Belmont Club
Class Warfare Has Become Declasse, Won’t Save His Ass: LeatherPenguin
The Marx Brother: LaughingCon

Jerry Brown Surprised He Still has to Work with Republicans: Driscoll
Mass Moonbat Elizabeth Warren: “There Is Nobody In This Country Who Got Rich On His Own — Nobody”: WZ
Screenshots: Michelle Malkin attacked on Twitter by Alec Baldwin and his rabid followers: Scoop


Partner in Genocide: Palestine Logo Suggests Elimination of Israel: Bayefsky
The Shuttered White House and Its Fantasies: Ledeen
We are the ones we have been waiting for...: Green Mountains

When Muslims Are More ‘Radical’ than ‘Islamists’: Ibrahim
Pro-Israel Christians and Jews Unite at UN Rally: NoisyRm
Hatch: Defund UN if it votes for Palestinian state: Exam

US Officials: Pakistan’s ISI Intelligence Agency Directing Islamic Militants To Carry Out Attacks On Americans: WZ
Obama to World: Leave Me Alone: Dossier
Disaster-Prone Obama Promises to Clean Up the Palestinian Mess He Created Last Year: GWP


From Apple to Vudu: 8 Netflix Alternatives Compared: Wired
RIM sitting on 800,000 PlayBooks, report says: CNet
Platlas: The world's first social-platform atlas: CNet


Then There's That: Sondrakistan
20 Hilarious Google Voice Transcription Bloopers, Flubs, and Fails: Technologizer
Powerful Rick Perry Ad:

Image: "Adam and Eve, Muslim Edition" via R&R
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: We Stand With Gibson Guitars Rally Oct. 8

QOTD: "From 2007 through August 2011, daring to question or criticize Obama meant you were a racist. Now, though, liberals are suggesting that Obama is so toxic he should just walk away from the job. Holding them to their own standards, aren’t they being racist? I mean, really, really racist?

Please don’t scold me for pointing out Leftist hypocrisy. I couldn’t leave it unsaid, no matter how obvious it is." --Bookworm Room

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