Monday, September 26, 2011

Third World Starvation, Brought to You by Ethanol and the Global Warming Scam Artists™

The "Arab Spring" -- violent revolts in Egypt, Libya, Syria and Yemen -- can be traced back to rising food prices, food shortages and imminent starvation. Prior to the Yemeni uprising, for example, seven million citizens "were forced to reduce their number of daily meals from three to one."

And what caused these rising food prices?

You guessed it: the global warming scam, which forces otherwise edible crops to be burned as inefficient fuels like ethanol. A new research paper models food prices and arrives at statistical proof that the global warming scam is, in great part, helping starve children in the third world.

The Food Crises: A quantitative model of food prices including speculators and ethanol conversion

Recent increases in basic food prices are severely impacting vulnerable populations worldwide. Proposed causes such as shortages of grain due to adverse weather, increasing meat consumption in China and India, conversion of corn to ethanol in the US, and investor speculation on commodity markets lead to widely differing implications for policy. A lack of clarity about which factors are responsible reinforces policy inaction...

Here, for the first time, we construct a dynamic model that quantitatively agrees with food prices. The results show that the dominant causes of price increases are investor speculation [Ed: market forces, i.e., supply-and-demand] and ethanol conversion. Models that just treat supply and demand are not consistent with the actual price dynamics...

...Both causes of price increase, speculative investment and ethanol conversion, are promoted by recent regulatory changes—deregulation of the commodity markets, and policies promoting the conversion of corn to ethanol. Rapid action is needed to reduce the impacts of the price increases on global hunger.

It's time for the government to get out of the fuel business. It's time to stop subsidizing ethanol; to disband the regulatory state that prevents exploitation of our natural resources; and to let the free market dictate what we use to power our society.

Because the destruction wrought by the environmental, flat-earth, no-growth Marxist left must be stopped.

If for no other reason than to save the children who today starve to death thanks to the likes of Al Gore and the climate grifters.

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Doom said...

You miss the point, but why? That IS one of the goals. When is the last time you went to an academic, or even secular government/international meeting about saving the planet or global planning and part of the quiet backroom discussions didn't include... reducing the human population? How can the population be reduced without disease and starvation? I think forced steralization is even a bit risque for those circles, if they do drool over the notion.