Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Journalist's Guide to Identifying Firearms

Via @MikeKMorrison:

As William A. Jacobson observes, "Don’t trust media reports for at least 24 hours."

Or ever.


stone said...

This is cool! I hope to have a gun.

Doom said...

Hmm, 24 hours? In what alternative dimension? Trust a news report as much as you trust your kid brother with your car, your kid sister with your secrets, or yourself with your little "problems". Don't, just... don't. News is dying, in all forms, and for good reason.

Hey! There is a new true story movie out from Hollywood! Bleh. Same same.

Anonymous said...

The amount of disinformation that comes out of Washington should make every American blanch.
If there is to be change, why can't it be telling the truth?

The MUSEman said...

Don't forget other popular "Assault Weapons" that the press should mis-identify: