Friday, September 27, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: ‘Let Obamacare Collapse?’ We Can’t Wait That Long

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‘Let Obamacare Collapse?’ We Can’t Wait That Long: Ed Driscoll
The Disconnect: Erick Erickson
Obamacare: Americans Are Baby Research Mice: GWP

New Tone: White House Senior Adviser Says GOP are Terrorists: David Freddoso
Efforts to recall John McCain and Jeff Flake have begun!: John Hawkins
Rubio: ‘You lose the American Dream, you lose the country.’: Bryan Preston

Coburn vs. Cruz: John Hayward
Senator Cornyn is a Texas Sized Disgrace: Ramparts 360
Ted Cruz Extends the Buckley Rule: Jeffrey Lord


Obama won’t negotiate; Reid wheels out fed shutdown doomsday clock: Malkin
Big Bird Just Lost His Health Insurance: NakedDC
Full-time to Food Stamps: Obamacare Slams College Students: CollegeFix

Pelosi: Obama can raise debt limit on his own (an impeachable offense): GWP
Majority Reject Obama’s Demand for a ‘Clean’ Debt Ceiling Vote: Tatler
Businesses must FAX their Obamacare exchange applications in.: Moe Lane

Scandal Central

Tyranny: Feinstein Comes For Your Right To Speak Freely Online: Mac Slavo
Doctors Fleeing New Jersey, Obamacare Could Make it Worse: Brad Jackson
Official sidesteps questions on NSA and cellphones: USA Today

Climate & Energy

Scientists Say Science Not Necessary For New IPCC “Climate Change” Report: RWN
Unwarranted Temperature Adjustments and Al Gore’s Unwarranted Call for Intellectual Tyranny: WUWT


Interview: Mark Levin on “The Liberty Amendments”: RWN
Stacey Dash calls Eric Holder’s war on school vouchers immoral: Twitchy
Would You Join a Third Party Founded by Ted Cruz?: Ricochet

SEIU Local 1 janitors in Chicago goes on strike over ObamaCARE: FAM
Of Course: Obama Blames Health Care Law’s Lack of Popularity on Fox News: Doug Powers
#ObamaCare: The Train Wreck You Know: R. S. McCain

Cavuto Crushes Obama's Latest Fascist Attack on Fox News: TPNN
Levin responds to Krauthammer: He missed Reagan all three times and now he’s missing Cruz: Scoop
‘This Never Happened. It Will Shock You How Much It Never Happened’: Ed Driscoll


Ha! Iranians Correct CNN’s Whitewash of Iranian President Interview: GWP
DHS Muslim Adviser: Egyptian Christians Attacked By Muslim Brotherhood Had It Coming To Them: WZ
Canada's Growing Role in Global Jihad: Blazing Cat Fur


Apple: The Splendid Failure: John Kirk
Second big breach for Florida hospital after employee snooping: Erin McCann
Jeff Bezos has no plan for saving journalism...tells editors 'Focus on customer': Tom Foremski


Allen West explains how fighting to defund Obamacare is like the battle of Thermopylae: Scoop
Cruz: Not Since Sarah Palin Have the Proglodytes Had Such a Villain: MOTUS
Horrific images of drug-users eaten alive by flesh-eating illness caused by homemade heroin substitute: Daily Mail

Image: President Obama’s Brother Attacks Muslim Brotherhood Accusations
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QOTD: "Ronald Reagan ran for president of the United States three times and Krauthammer didn’t support him once... Ran in the Republican primary three times. I guess technically the last time is four times, but competitively three times. He was elected twice. He was a great conservative, a statesman. And somehow, Krauthammer, who wasn’t a child, was writing speeches or something for Walter Mondale.

Again, I don't have a problem with the fact that people change. That isn't even my point, but to take a shot at Cruz because -- Oh, the Canadian Ted Cruz, as they were giggling the other day. And not only that, they're not the font of all wisdom about the conservative movement. They missed the most important aspect of the conservative movement in modern history -- it was right in front of them and they missed it, which is exactly why they are missing Ted Cruz. They miss it." --Mark Levin

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