Sunday, September 22, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Why is Obama so angry to have a Political “win”?

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Why is Obama so angry to have a Political “win”?: DTG
Obamacare destroying the private insurance market (according to plan): LI
The Fight to Defund Is a Fight for Liberty: Jan LaRue

One Weird Trick to Expose the Truth About ObamaCare: Clarice Feldman
Cruz to use any procedural means necessary to defund: Sibyl West
For California’s Illegal Immigrants, a Great Week: RWN

Former ACORN Chief: Use Amnesty to Get "the White Man": Neil Munro
Murder Capital!: SCC
Garry needs a drink: Chicago Police Chief blames guns, not gangs: GSL


American Banana Republic: Mark Steyn
Journalism Teacher Calls For Children of NRA Members To Be Murdered: RWN
Unhinged: What liberal NC professors think of opposing views: Sister Toldjah

Malkin Misapprehends: Underside Of The Bus *IS* Your Healthcare Plan: RSM
American Dependency: “Give Me My Food Stamps”: Mac Slavo
Our Government's Propaganda Isn’t Even Subtle Any More: Sara Noble

Scandal Central

Tom DeLay’s Exoneration: Democrat Abuse Of The Judicial Process: RS
Pickering asked if Benghazi a Botched Kidnapping Plot: Shoebat
Health insurers to customers: If you like your plan, you can keep … nah, you’re screwed: Twitchy

Climate & Energy

EPA effectively bans coal plants with stifling carbon dioxide limits: Michael Bastasch
New EPA Regulations: Obama Begins Carpet Bombing the Coal Industry: Rusty Weiss
Warmists Claim They Predicted There Would Be More Arctic Ice This Year: RWN


Politico: Obama is a snake-oil salesman: AWD
CA Democratic Official Allan Brauer Fired for Insanely Offensive Tweets Against Conservatives: IJReview
Washington Post Distorts Commission Probe of Benghazi: NoisyRm

Some notes on the flood of discussions about gun control after the Navy Yard Shooting: John R. Lott
Mark Levin Rips FOX News: "I Pretty Much Have To Watch Now at 4 PM and 9 PM": RCP
Obamanation: SDA


Navy Yard killer created webpage with name “Mohammed Salem”: Creeping
Report: Israeli forces join battle against Nairobi terrorists: Hayom
Americans injured in terrorist bloodbath at Kenyan mall: BPR


Bank robbers pose as IT guys, rig device to slurp £1.3m from Barclays: Lisa Vaas
10 Things I Didn’t Know About Google: Harry McCracken
Bing's Page Zero Search Results: Dan Marantz


Dear Mr. Security Agent: Chuck Bracken
CO Rescue Pilot Issued Parking Ticket for His Helicopter: BlackFive
In Search of Our Perfect Doppelganger: MOTUS

Image: Upscale Mall Becomes War Zone

QOTD: "...The second, crucial advantage of forcing the Senate to act on a stripped-of-Obamacare funding bill is that it will oblige six endangered democratic incumbents to take positions on Obamacare just before it crashes into the American economy –Begich of Alaska, Hagan of North Carolina, Landrieu of Louisiana, Pryor of Arkansas, Shaheen of New Hampshire, Udall of Colorado. Either they will vote to break the filibuster in order to revive Obamacare funding or they will vote with Cruz and company. They will either thus double down on Obamacare 11 months before voting on their re-elections begins or they will flip flop on their decisive votes from 2009. Each one of them is 100% responsible for Obamacare. I hope to hear their names brought up in many speeches by GOPers in next weeks floor debates." --Hugh Hewitt

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