Friday, September 20, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Spot-on Boehner video crucifies Obama: Who won’t he negotiate with?

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Spot-on Boehner video crucifies Obama: Who won’t he negotiate with?: Twitchy
Stuff That Will Cause Fights: Ace
You Don’t Need Permission from the State to Carry a Gun: Outcast

Michelle’s Food Marketing 101: The Hidden Persuaders: MOTUS
“Tom DeLay money laundering verdict overturned”: Protein Wisdom
"How to Ban Guns: A step by step, long term process": David Hardy

NC Dems Wage War on Conservative Women: Twitchy
#ShutUppery and the Drums of #WAR: Lady Liberty
Peeping Toms: Cannibal


Surprise: Obama lying about the debt ceiling: Michelle Malkin
Jeb Bush’s Latest Common Core Snit Fit: Michelle Malkin
Don’t tell mom the babysitter’s unionized: Katy Grimes

U.S. Makes $1.2 Bil in Disability “Overpayments”: JW
Obama defies Congress, keeps illegal position filled: Outcast
Minimum Wage Laws: Immoral, Crippling, and... Popular: Ari Armstrong

Scandal Central

Gowdy GRILLS Mullen on failing to interview Hillary Clinton over Benghazi: Scoop
Pickering: I’m proud of the Hillary Benghazi whitewash report we produced: Unyielding
Darrell Issa: Dems ‘excuse themselves’ from testimony by Benghazi family members: Twitchy

Issa: Obama's SOTU Attack on Supremes Began Tea Party Targeting Process: Nice Deb
Issa “Dead Serious” About Issuing Possible Subpoena To Hillary Clinton: Fox Nation
Adm. Mullen Admits Special Ops Told to 'Hold in Place' During Benghazi: Tony Lee

Climate & Energy

Remember when Obama promised to bankrupt coal? That’s tomorrow.: Ben Howe
New Climate Study Blows Away Anthropogenic Causation: RWN
Obama White House Rolls Out Tough New Climate-Change Rules: Coral Davenport


Yes, people were dying in a gunfight across town, but Obama had a speech to give: Andrew Malcolm
Explosive BBC Claim: CERT unit at Navy Yard told to stand down as shooter raged: Bearing Arms
I Get Email: Protein Wisdom

LISTEN: Mark Levin on Glenn Beck’s Radio Show to discuss The Liberty Amendments: Scoop
Washington Post has a real problem with… Terry McAuliffe at the NVTC.: Moe Lane
Hannity Wins: Liberals Humiliated: Jeffrey Lord

IRS Flagged Groups for 'Anti-Obama Rhetoric,' Big Three Refuse to Report: Geoffrey Dickens
Is This Still the America We Thought We Knew?: David Limbaugh
UPS Opens Up New, Helpful Service for Fraudsters: iOTW


FBI Officials Met and Coordinated With Employees of Group Tied to Islamic Terrorist Groups: WFB
Congressman Wolf Demands FBI Punish Agents For CAIR Contact: IPT
The End of Barry Obama: Bad Eagle

Admiral re-asserts possibility Benghazi about Blind Sheikh: Shoebat
Benghazi Victim’s Mother: Obama, Clinton, and Biden Lied To Me: WFB
Soldiers of Islam Biker Gang Terrorizes Australia’s Gold Coast: Daniel Greenfield


So, Linus Torvalds: Did US spooks demand a backdoor in Linux? 'Yes': John Leyden
The Secret of iOS 7: I, Cringely
Google smacks Surface with free Quickoffice for Android, iOS: Simon Sharwood


List of Democrats Who Walked Out on Benghazi Families: Protein Wisdom
Thank you! Thank you!: Sondrakistan
End of the Republic: Act Well Your Part

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...Some eminent scientists now believe the world is heading for a period of cooling that will not end until the middle of this century – a process that would expose computer forecasts of imminent catastrophic warming as dangerously misleading." --Mail Online

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

True Biblical justice rewards the innocent and punishes the guilty. However, the reality of our present legal system allows the innocent to be drug through the excrement and then deposited upon a lonely curb with no recourse.
The devil hates character, and he hates justification - dRATS clearly align themselves with the personality of evil in embracing the politics of personal destruction.
Tom Delay, Henry Cisneros, and Scooter Libby (to mention a few)should be the objects of restoration and reward, not isolation.
Bill Clinton talked America into a crisis of confidence in '92 to win the election and when later confronted with this fact his advisors laughed and said "it was just politics". Just politics, it should make every thinking American's blood boil.