Saturday, September 21, 2013

FIGURES: Left-wing hacks Taegan Goddard (@PoliticalWire) and Bob Corker (@SenBobCorker) both block me on Twitter

No, I wasn't uncivil. I didn't hurl vicious insults or death threats the way Democrats so often do.

No, I simply pointed out the horrific failures of their insane political ideology. For example:

That both a left wing propagandist like Roll Call's Goddard and a supposed "Republican" like Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee refuse to engage in legitimate political debate says much about the Democrat Party and the RINO establishment.

Which is why we need to unify behind Constitutional conservatives like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, strengthen their numbers in 2014, and politically obliterate those who would destroy our country.


wayne said...

They're scared s**tless Doug. They know they're losing and this is the panic reaction. Gun control? Lost. Immigration? Lost. Syria? Lost. And now Obamascare. Boehner and Cantor never would have let the defund vote go if the phones weren't ringing off the hook and the lib's and RINOs know it. We're winning, even if the MSM won't tell anyone. And all the other side has in they're arsenal is an incompetent buffoon who even THEY know is nothing but an empty suit. So, they block you on Twitter because that's all they have left. Crash. Burn. Game over.

Unknown said...

Blocking a twitter account. That says a lot about the lack of response to your onslaught of facts.