Monday, September 16, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: What Would You Sacrifice for Liberty?

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What Would You Sacrifice for Liberty?: Sara Noble
Words, Dictionaries, Democrats and Demagogues: Elephant
Hillary! Because What Difference Does it Make?: Clarice Feldman

Liberal Group Makes the Case Against Obamacare: Chris Jacobs, Foundry
Obama's HHS Wants Your Sexual History: Betsy McCaughey
Group launches campaign to 'fire Boehner' over Benghazi response: Mike Lillis

The Death of Gun Control: Molly Ball, The Atlantic
Notes on Chicago ending its gun registry: John R. Lott
New Oklahoma City Bombing Trial Set for Spring 2014: Bob McCarty


Obama: Republicans Stopping My Efforts To Redistribute Wealth: WZ
Obama: GOP Debt Ceiling Demands Attack ‘Constitutional Structure’: ABC
Progressive Jizya: Liberty Hollow

Obamacare Slashes Reward For Working, Incents Part-time Labor: CI
Psyched For Obama Speaking On 5th Anniversary of Financial Crisis?: RWN
Public to Congress: Force an Internet Sales Tax at Your Own Risk: Foundry

Scandal Central

Ty Woods dead body left on Benghazi tarmac for three hours: FAM
Expected ruling in weeks on Holder’s ‘Fast and Furious’ contempt suit: Janeen Capizola
Report: State Dept. Benghazi Probe Unfairly Protected Senior Officials, Hillary Clinton Blamed: Blaze

Climate & Energy

Armed EPA raid sheds light on 70 fed agencies with armed divisions: Fox
HuffPo Kook Andrew Freedman: Warmal Colding Causes Fires and Flooding: Marathon


Bloggers are the only true journalists left in America: AWD
55 miles long, 4 lanes wide - no longer the media is silent on this revolution: Wilderness of Mirrors
It's Pretty Bad When Dilbert's Mom Whacks Federal Agents: Smallest Minority

Mark Levin Refuted: Grumpy Elder
It’s Not Racist, Just Smart: House of Eratosthenes
Care Packages For The Syrian Rebels! YAY!: Chicks on the Right


Assad's future is looking bright: Hayom
National Whiplash: Michael Reagan
Assad to Stay In Power, Keep Chemical Weapons, Avoid Inspections Until November: WZ


Tooth Cavities May Protect Against Cancer: Slashdot
6 ways Ray Dolby changed the way the world listened: Steve May, TechRadar
30% of Big Brands Now Have Customer Service on Twitter: Jim Dougherty


What if surfing was your job?: Seth Godin
Putin and Obama Side by Side; I Reflect, You Decide.: MOTUS
Oklahoma City Retrial: Terry Nichols Confessed to FBI of Middle Eastern Involvement: MagNote

Image: PETA crashes biker party with predictable results
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: MAKE THE CALL NOW: Demand John Boehner Defund Obamacare!

QOTD: "I want to tell you where your book (The Liberty Amendments) is going to be... it will be in EVERY history book for the life of the country. It will stand as the single most impactful representation of the opposition to Barack Obama and the leftists of the day. It will be hailed as the loudest, most penetrating and intelligent warning to the American people about what was happening to their country, and what to do about it. I'm not prescient enough to know if history will recount the warning as heard and acted on, or lament that it wasn't." --Rush Limbaugh


Anonymous said...


Thank you for linking GrumpyElder's "Mark Levin is Wrong." I have been uncomfortable with Levin's "solution" to our problems. This post helps me understand why.


Kevin said...

Thanks for linking my Dilbert piece, and I'm with Anonymous - the post refuting Mark Levin's book is EXACTLY what I wanted to say myself but could not articulate anywhere near as well.