Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Biker Ride to DC: One Biker’s Story

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Biker Ride to DC: One Biker’s Story: MagNote
Dear Corporate America: Sultan Knish
Freedom of the Press is now an Entitlement?: T. F. Stern

House to Vote on Defunding Obamacare: Robert Costa
Obamacare and the GOP’s Negotiation Crisis: Dan McLaughlin
51% Favor Govt. Shutdown Until Congress Defunds Obamacare: Rasmussen

The cops at Ohio State have an armored fighting vehicle now: Eric Owens
Another 250 Million Rounds Of Ammunition For An Agency: Prepper Podcast
Surprise: Navy Shooter a big Obama fan: Scoop


New CBO debt study is way worse than the media is telling you: James Pethokoukis
California passes ‘job killer’ increase in minimum wage to $10: BPR
House GOP Leaders Question Holder Over School Voucher Suit: Emma Dumain

California teachers taught how to dump unions, get rebates on dues: Steve Gunn
Average Chicago household owes $83,000 for City Hall debt: Greg Hinz
‘Is LSD covered?’: Twitchy

Scandal Central

CIA Director John Brennan has a new Benghazi problem: Shoebat
Lois Lerner + Malik Obama = White House IRS Scandal: Shoebat
IRS workers turn to elite D.C. lawyers for defense: Lauren French

Climate & Energy

Another Obama-funded Green Energy Company Nears Bankruptcy: Breitbart
EPA Gets Go-Ahead for Pollution Plan: Farm Bureau
EPA regulations keep condemned homes from being demolished in Pasco County: Erik Waxler


So Let’s Talk About Mental Illness And Guns: Glob
Facebook Allows Hate Speech Against Jews -- And No Other Groups -- to Proliferate Online: Algemeiner
Fox News announces new prime-time lineup: Megyn Kelly at 9 PM for “The Kelly File”: Scoop

Who’s a ‘Bully,’ @GregFlynn? Democrat Operative Targets North Carolina Mom: R. S. McCain
Mystery Solved! ‘Standard Issue Journalist Glasses’ Explain Why AR-15s Seen Everywhere: Sooper
Townhall Dropped the Ball: George Rasley

Attention, BuzzFeed: The NRA Tweeted Today, Schmucks.: Brian Carey
Obama on plummeting approval numbers for Obamacare: everyone is wrong: WZ
The Ghoulish Glee Of The Gun Control Lobby: RS


Is the west mug enough to fall for this? (Don’t all answer at once): Melanie Phillips
Question of the Day: Impeachment for Treason a Real Possibility?: AWD
"When guns are outlawed, plumbers will build them in the basement.": Sipsey Street Irregulars

Tennessee high school students visit mosque, get Qur'an -- not visiting church or synagogue: JihadWatch
Brotherhood dug their own grave — analyst: Ayman Sharaf, GulfNews
Mark Levin's Liberty Amendments: John Hayward


The NSA Is Also Grabbing Millions Of Credit Card Records: TechDirt
10 Startups the CIA Has Invested In: Jeremy Wilson
Top 20 colleges for computer science majors, based on earning potential: Ann Bednarz, IT News


Aaron Alexis Didn’t Kill those People on His Own; His Gun Did that For Him: MOTUS
Of Mice and Men: Who Let All the Vermin Into the White House? : MOTUS
This Animated How An Engine Works Infographic Is Just Great: Jalopnik

Image: Cuccinelli, Levin Rally Sterling Crowd
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