Monday, September 23, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Passed it, finding out what’s in it: lost coverage

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Passed it, finding out what’s in it: lost coverage: Michelle Malkin
Pelosi: Obamacare ‘a liberation’: Michelle Malkin
The Central Planning Solution to Evil: Daniel Greenfield

MN Somalis said to be among terrorists in Nairobi slaughter: Tatler
ObamaCare’s Muslim Exemption: Herbert London
SWAT Team Ordered To “Stand Down” Hasn’t Been Interviewed.: Instapundit

Conservatives vs. RINOs: AWD
Could The GOP Actually Be About To Beat Obama?: Kurt Schlichter
Palin: the More things change, the more the GOP remains the same: DTG

'You Can Keep Your Plan': The Left's Epic Campaign of Lies: American Power
Obama demands gun curbs, laments gun rights in latest speech: DC
Cory Booker, Mother Goose: Eliana Johnson


Obamacare and That Q-Easy Feeling: Tom Blumer
Twitchy collecting “Your health care plan got cancelled!” letters: Moe Lane
Cali Dem Hopes Obamacare Denies Treatment For "Nonbelievers": Jawa

Pelosi: ‘The Cupboard Is Bare, There’s No More Cuts to Make’: WFB
Chart of the Day: Median income in DC vs the rest of us: Greenroom
Professor Wishes Death on Children of NRA Members, Liberals Applaud: ProWis

Scandal Central

While IRS Targeted Tea Party Groups, CAIR Got Away With Quite A Bit Of Shady Funding: LoneCon
Common Core causing huge rift between Jeb Bush and conservatives: RWN
Democrat Congressmen refuse to hear Benghazi families testimony: Nolan Chart

Climate & Energy

WHOA: New Aussie PM dissolves climate change committee, freezes renewables funding: Hot Air


Tea Party vs. Progressives on Obamacare: Trevor Loudon
How Much Does Hillary Losing to Obama in ’08 Still Sting for Bill?: Ed Driscoll
Chris Wallace says he got opposition research from Republicans on Ted Cruz; Rove explains: Scoop

America Barely Noticed Navy Yard Shootings: Rantburg
Hillary to Huma: It’s Weiner or Me: JWF
Grand Theft Auto V Features 15-Minute Liberal Superhero Cartoon Called “Impotent Rage”: GWP

As Freedom Destroys Itself: Sarah Palin
Ted Cruz grilled by Chris Wallace on Defunding Fight: Scoop
What Obama said about health care in 2009: Elephant


Two Kenyans Report Being Rescued by ‘Israeli Security Officer’ in Nairobi Mall: Joshua Levitt
That Massacre in Nairobi: Gates of Vienna
Brit columnist calls for International Intervention in the U.S. due to gun violence: Jeff Quinton

Iranian President Rowhani Brags Of Deceiving West To Complete Illicit Nuclear Program: Reza Kahlili
Israel Demands Explanation After French Diplomat Punches Israeli Soldier in Face: Algemeiner
Russia: Fewer Guns Equals More Crime: BlurBrain


LinkedIn sued by users who say it hacked their e-mail accounts: Megan Geuss
Google to fight aging with health care startup Calico: Cameron Scott
Social networks stick with MySQL: Brett Winterford


The Government Can- Tim Hawkins: Theo Spark
Race and Class Wars IV: MOTUS Does a Movie Review: MOTUS
Honest Movie Trailer for World War Z: Greenroom

Image: The silence of our friends – the extinction of Christianity in the Middle East (Ed West)

QOTD: "Apparently some White House staffers have a new nickname for the president: "Obam-me," because it's all about him and his big thoughts. I guess the second-term team is not quite as adoring as the first." --Peggy Noonan

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