Monday, September 30, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Political Elitists Living High Life While Americans Suffer

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Political Elitists Living the High Life While Americans Suffer: NoisyRm
Democrats' Smart, Nuanced, Civil Messaging: Ace
Boehner, Cruz excoriate Reid for refusing to negotiate: GWP

Remember when David Gregory grilled Obama this intensively?: LI
Bachmann's persuasive case: why we don't fear a shutdown: Exam
Our Truest Lies: Victor Davis Hanson

Oppose the Medical Device Tax Repeal: RS
House Hearing Room Bursts Out Laughing at Obama's ‘Red Line’ on CR: CNS
Dem lawmaker attacks ‘tea baggers’ from Senate floor: BPR

QOTD, Pro-Obamacare Trolls Will Hate Reading This edition.: Moe Lane
"We did not elect a dictator!": NoisyRoom
Sunday morning feel good stories: This Ain't Hell


Shut It Down: RWN
Twitter users have shutdown questions: Glob
Just Deserts: SEIU Workers On Strike Over Job Losses Caused By Obamacare: RWN

Scandal Central

IRS scandal means bad news for Obama: Column: Glenn Harlan Reynolds
Justice Department to challenge North Carolina voter ID law: Josh Gerstein
AMA Culpable In Our Government Healthcare Fiasco: CFP

Climate & Energy

Climate Cover-Up: UN IPCC Folds Under Pressure From US, Other Governments: Lid
The EPA takes an ax to self-sufficiency: most wood-burning stoves will soon be illegal: Organic Prepper
The IPCC’s mountainous molehill: STACLU


I Will Not Comply: Matthew May
Architect of Destruction: Give Us Liberty 1776
The IRS And ObamaCare Is Kind Of Like…: Glob

When You've Lost Shepard Fairey...: GWP
CNN Does 12-Minute Interview With Susan Rice: No Mention of Benghazi: Noel Sheppard
“Your hate for this president is coming before your love of this country”: JWF

Kristol Blasts Granholm for Suggesting Iran Acting ‘More Rationally’ Than House GOP: WFB
‘SNL’ ridicules President Obama for flaws in Obamacare: Red Alert
Newsweek’s Golden Age: James Joyner


The Gang Religion of Islam: Daniel Greenfield
The Obama Doctrine: Richard Baehr
Saudi Arabia "Outraged" At Obama's Peace Overtures With Syria, Iran: ZH

I'm sorry, but we have to talk about the barbarism of modern Islamist terrorism: Brendan O'Neill
New day, new Jihadi massacre. Now in Nigeria: The Commentator
White Widow Samantha Lewthwaite 'plotted Nairobi massacre from lair just 100 yards away': Mirror

'White Widow' smeared her face in blood to flee: Blazing Cat Fur
Westgate Mall attack and an Islamic Reality: Shoebat
Israel says it has caught alleged Iranian spy: CNS


Inside the Fall of BlackBerry: Globe and Mail
Light-bending black hole mimic is first you can watch: Jacob Aron, NewScientist
Lambrecht Chevrolet auction: top five sales from Day 1: AutoWeek


'Breaking Bad's' Series Finale Cements Its Status As One of the All-Time Greats: Andrew Romano
Garbage in, garbage out!: MOTUS
Breaking Bad Homeowners Vow They'll Never Sell: TMZ

Image: 'Breaking Bad's' Series Finale Cements Its Status As One of the All-Time Greats
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QOTD: "After over a thousand years, after its own empires and conquests stretching around the world, after endless religious schools, reform movements, theological debates and splinter groups, Islam is not able to leave its gang roots behind. It is still at its core a gang religion. That is why it appeals so well to convicts who recognize that they are interacting with something far more ancient than Kingism.

That is also why Islam, like most street gangs, degenerates so readily into internecine violence. No matter how much its devotees dream of conquering the decadent West and planting the black flag of Islam everywhere, they can't help turning their guns on each other, because gangs are naturally primed to fight amongst themselves. The gang code never suffices to settle disputes among men who live by violence. They may fight to impose Islamic law on the world, but they can't live by it.

Syria is Islam at its most primal with gangs fighting over the ruins of cities, small groups joining up, Shiite and Sunni militias killing each other, Free Syrian Army and Al Nusra Front gangs fighting over bakeries and pipelines, an endless stream of recruits from around the world rushing to join up in a gang war that has claimed over 100,000 lives." --Daniel Greenfield

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