Saturday, September 21, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Mr. Breitbart Goes to Washington

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Mr. Breitbart Goes to Washington: Paula Bolyard
Next: Defund Obamacare by preventing a vote on defunding Obamacare: David Freddoso
Obama would rather meet with latest Iranian figurehead than John Boehner: Moe Lane

Why is the OFA buying ads to “save” the GOP from Ted Cruz?: DTG
Forced Home Inspections are Coming With Obamacare: Eric Odom
Submit to Obamacare or you'll get Cervical Cancer and Die!!!: Alexa Shrugged

Ted Cruz’s Two Front War: Cowardly GOPers and a Dumbed-Down MSM: Hugh Hewitt
The President Throws a Temper Tantrum: WZ
Obama Whines About Congress: 'They're... Trying to Mess with Me': Breitbart


Prison Inmates Collecting Millions in Unemployment Cash: Rodrigo Sermeno
"You drive up to the Welfare Office in a Porsche and still get food stamps": Nice Deb
True Unemployment Hits 23%: Highest Since Great Depression: Vel Craft

What John Adams Foretold Has Come True: W.A. Beatty
Two More Defections from Amnesty Gang of Eight: Ace
Dad arrested at school meeting after challenging Common Core: Michelle Malkin

Scandal Central

Dems Leave Room As Benghazi Mom Says Obama, Hillary Lied: IBD
AZ to Deny Drivers Licenses to all Illegals Granted ‘Deferred Deportation’ by Obama: HACT
IRS targeted groups for “anti-Obama rhetoric”?: Ed Morrissey

Climate & Energy

Global Warming 2.0: When Lying is No Longer Enough: MOTUS
Climategate II: Scientists pushed to hide data: Chris Stirewalt
Roadside America: Moonbattery


CNN’s Don Lemon Rethinking Position On Guns After CDC Study: WZ
RINO hack Peter King really hates Ted Cruz: Scoop
Pelosi Unplugged In La La Land: STACLU

Ed Henry Slams Jay Carney Over 'Four Pinocchio' Lie: Breitbart
Levin On Boehner: Rove, Jeb Wrong Again: Jeffrey Lord
Networks That Touted Tom DeLay’s 2010 Conviction Silent About His Complete Vindication: MRC


Dangerous Times: Does Putin want a Nuclear Suicide Cult Next Door?: James Lewis
Parents Furious When Schools Takes Their Children To Mosque, Where They’re Given Qurans: RWN
Was Aaron Alexis Becoming Mohammed Salem at The Time of the Massacre?: Sara Noble

Louie Gohmert Speech On Muslim Brotherhood In Obama Administration 9/20/2013: NoisyRm
Why I may say anything I want about Obama: Winter Soldier
1 Million Truckers Protest Now Joined By Canadian Counterparts: Suzanne Hamner


LinkedIn users sue over service's "hacking" of contacts and spammy ways: Lisa Vaas, Sophos
Digital marketing is dead, P&G branding boss declares: BizJournals
BlackBerry announces major job cuts, quarterly net operating loss of $1 billion: Brad Reed, BGR


Exposed: Death-wish Democrat official Allan Brauer’s long history of online hate: Twitchy (Language Warning)
Now The Daily Mail Isn't Just Trolling, It's Parodying Itself For Trolling Open Thread: Ace
Bears great Gale Sayers sues NFL over head trauma: ChiBiz

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QOTD: "I'm pretty sure you lose 100% of the battles that you begin by surrendering." --Ted Cruz, responding to Karl Rove, who claimed that the GOP shouldn't threaten to defund Obamacare because it's a losing strategy.

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