Friday, September 20, 2013

REASON ALONE TO ERADICATE OBAMACARE: IRS was targeting conservative groups as recently as two weeks ago

Bryan Preston, who's doing yeoman's work at PJM, explains the latest developments in IRS-gate. Remember: the completely politicized IRS will be Obamacare's enforcers, with access to all of your most personal data.

This news emerged from Wednesday’s House hearing on the IRS abuse scandal. Not only did the agency target conservative groups, it continued surveillance of them until acting Commissioner Danny Werfel shut it down just two weeks ago.

Republicans investigating the IRS targeting scandal said Wednesday that the agency continued to conduct secret surveillance on tea party groups even after approving them for tax-exempt status.

Acting Commissioner Danny Werfel said... he has halted all audits of tax-exempt organizations based on political activity as he tries to get a handle on the embattled agency... he [also said he] is troubled by emails sent by Lois G. Lerner, the woman at the center of the targeting scandal, that raise questions about her behavior. He said he has asked internal investigators to follow up on those emails...

...In one of those emails Ms. Lerner wrote that dealing with tea party applications was “very dangerous,” and in another she seemed to indicate that she was looking for ways to deny the charitable organization label to groups without having to accuse them of political activity.

Lerner remains unwilling to testify, and on paid leave from her post at the IRS.
The investigation has also turned up evidence that the IRS targeted Tea Party groups because agents knew that President Obama wanted them to.

Just a reminder: Nixon's Obama-like abuse of the IRS was "a high crime and misdemeanor".

Hat tip: BadBlue News

3 comments: said...

So much for Boehner's new found balls, huh?

Doom said...

Eradicate Zerocare? Why stop there? The IRS has proven itself to be an enemy of freedom and the people it is supposed to be working for. Eradicate it as well.

There is no baby in that bathwater.

Anonymous said...

We need to stop with the Nixonian stuff. He could NEVER have had anything like this done because the lowly Govt' employees and managers , especially back in his day, leaned left.

This is what you get when agencies are full of fellow travelers. Willing to do whatever they can for their champion.