Sunday, September 15, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Why is Pete Sessions (R-TX) Blocking a Select Committee on Benghazi?

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Why is Pete Sessions (R-RX) Blocking a Select Committee on Benghazi?: Jawa
Feds Want Your ‘Social and Behavioral’ Data in Health Records: WFB
E-ZPasses Get Read All Over New York (Not Just At Toll Booths): Instapundit

Oh Look, More Deflection (Benghazi): Karl Denninger
Bikers Get A Blogger: Time to Ride to Albany: MagNote
FISA Court: Snowden Leak Prompted “Considerable Public Interest": FAS

Benghazi House Select Committee Holdouts: Shoebat
Federal workers want everyone on Obamacare except… federal workers: Jazz Shaw
The Many Imaginary Adventures of Cory Booker!: Morlock


No Obamacare exemptions for Big Labor? We’ll see: Michelle Malkin
California to Grant Drivers Licenses to Illegal Immigrants: Tim Brown
Police Chief Suspended for Meeting With Sheriff Joe on His Own Time: MB

Scandal Central

Muslim Brotherhood supporter gets Homeland Security promotion: BPR
Walid Shoebat: Obama admin HARASSING, SPYING on him: Scoop
Mourning Christian Woman in Syria: ‘We Blame Obama': Nice Deb

Climate & Energy

New IPCC Report Eases Global Warming Prediction: Rick Moran


‘Gosh, Stacy, There’s No Way @Twitter Could Spot All These Fake Accounts’: R. S. McCain
Kate Mulvey, You're Single at 50 Because You're a Jerk: AWD
The Mainstream Media Cannot Ignore Mark Levin Forever: Jewish Voice

‘Pardon the Interruption’: Check out who’s joining Obama on the golf course: Twitchy
Pirro Torches Obama, says he was played by Putin and 2016 can’t get here fast enough: Scoop
Liberal Group Makes the Case Against Obamacare: Foundry


Put Vladimir Putin’s name in the Little Book.: Moe Lane
This Week’s Presidential Tracking Poll: MOTUS
Dare To Question Argentina's Inflation Data, Prepare To Go To Jail: ZH


Two Birmingham Men Arrested by UK's New Intellectual Property Crime Unit: Slashdot
Twitter’s Private Filing Signals New Wave of Secrecy: Mashable
Tracking the fortunes reaped by the bankers who tanked the economy: Cory Doctorow


Documents Prove That Homeland Security Is Being Armed By US Military: PrepperPodcast
Floyd Mayweather defeats Canelo Alvarez with majority decision: Mitch Abramson
DeLoreans getting 'Back to the Future' makeovers: AP

Image: BKeyser
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QOTD: "I think we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor of the industrious." --Thomas Jefferson


Anonymous said...

CharmingRichard, over at MOTUS' blog, won the caption contest for that 'shop of Putin and Barry-O...

"Can I call you Daddy?"


Anonymous said...

that picture is the funniest thing I've seen in a long while.

Anonymous said...

Bob Keyser is the artist who created Boo & can find more of his work here: