Friday, September 13, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: We're about done asking nicely with our words...

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We're about done asking nicely with our words...: III Percent
The First Time, They Come In Peace: Zilla
Congress' border efforts are bunk, say border sheriffs: USA Today

The Establishment’s Projection: Erick Erickson
Why Democrats Have Reason to Fear: Charlie Cook
Follow Alinsky: Call Obama's Bluff: CFP

The Epic Meltdown of the Gun Grabbers: Michelle Malkin
Harry Reid: “…ANARCHISTS! Anarchists roaming the halls!”: Moe Lane
Putin: Don't Worry, I'm Not Going to Bend You Over Or Anything: Ace

House Intel Chairman Rogers on Syria and Benghazi: Hugh Hewitt
What Obama’s Truth Team said about Romney and Syria in '12: Twitchy
Biden slams ‘Neanderthal crowd’ in House for blocking VAWA renewal: Twitchy


Another Union Boss Slams Obamacare: WZ
Is War Now "Inevitable"?: ZH
MD's O'Malley Signs Gun Control Bill; Employers Leave State: Tatler

Michelle Launches Courageous Program Urging People To Drink Water: Glob
Florida bans Obamacare navigators from county health departments: BPR
Where are the Jobs?: Mish

Scandal Central

SO SHUT IT DOWN: Karl Denninger
Gowdy: ‘Not a Single Person Has Been Brought To Justice On Benghazi’: Nice Deb
Did you see how WH marked Benghazi anniversary?: Twitchy

Climate & Energy

Obama's War on Energy: Power Line


Why the Media Will Never Treat Conservatives Fairly: Erick Erickson
What Ricochet is Up Against: Rob Long, Ricochet
Dirty Tricks on Twitter: Bloggers Targeted with Fake Followers: Hideout

CBS Omits Attkisson's Scoop on Kerry's Benghazi Denial: CNS
Nobody Escapes the Progressive Inquisition: Taki's Mag
Who's a journalist?: James Lileks, Ricochet


Fast & Furious: Libyan Edition: RS
Will Obnoxious College Students Ever Scream “War Criminal” At Obama?: Glob
Muslims Wish Jews a Happy Yom Kippur with Rocks, Bricks and Automatic Weapons: Blazing Cat Fur

Death Comes to America: MOTUS
Emboldened by Morsi ouster, Tunisia and Libya are not far behind: BNI
A Matter of Trust: Shayne


The legacy of Danny Lewin, the first man to die on 9/11: Todd Leopold, CNN
The Game That Detects a Cheating Spouse: Bruce Kasanoff
Choose your poison: Why the United States hasn't destroyed all of its chem weapons: Vocativ


The One Thing I Didn’t Know About 9/11 – Steve Buscemi: IMAO
Biggest Loser of 2013: the Political Class: Scott Rasmussen
The Muslim Brotherhood in America - A Course in 10 Parts: Democracy Under Attack

Image: Better Call Saul is Happening! Breaking Bad (Kind Of) Lives On!
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QOTD: "What is amusing... is the constant state of shock of supposedly serious people who are stunned that despite the Fed being constantly in the markets, and buying up trillions in securities, the US economy has not responded in a favorable manner. Of course, nobody has pointed out that if all it took to generate growth out of thin air without consequences was for the Fed to print, i.e., monetize debt, this would have started 100 years ago in 1913, and by now the US economy would be so advanced it would be colonizing Uranus. Logic, however, is not a Keynesian economist's best friend." --Tyler Durden


Anonymous said...

The "III Percent" movement you linked to is a group of people that hijacked the "III Percent" name from Mike Vanderboegh at

The movement you linked to is led by a convicted felon and opportunist. Despite giving good rhetoric, they are dangerously stupid.

K-Bob said...

Killer links today, Doug!

Anonymous: You aren't going to spread the word and get people to rally if you're more interested in the copyright for a name.

It's a good article. And it's indicative of what I keep saying to friends and family, and wrote about at Scoop's: we are in antebellum times.

If that article made you mad, read the one linked by Zilla. The point is, things will be moving along swiftly and will take folks by surprise if they don't start preparing.

K-Bob said...

I just looked into the kerfuffle alluded to by "Anonymous" and while there appears to be some edgy crazy going on at the site you linked, the site making the charges against him also reads like a tent full of cranks.

In other words, people sometimes say a lot more than they should, and make claims they shouldn't. Nothing new at all if you've ever read a gun blog or prepper blog or off-the-grid blog, etc.

Take them all with a grain of salt. And don't send money to anyone you don't know personally.

Zilla said...

Thank you, Doug!
K-Bob is right (as is often the case).
Things ARE moving swiftly.
The bikers I blog for are riding on Albany, and we are taking every pissed off NYer who has had enough of the commie crap they do here to us in the middle of the night with us! More info at my place in a new post. I will email you the link.
The revolution will feature bikers and bloggers and it is nigh.