Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: House GOP Leaders Think You're as Dumb as They Are

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House GOP Leaders Think You're as Dumb as They Are: Erick Erickson
Fundamentally Transforming the United States of America: Roger Kimball
Unmistakable Fear of Liberty Amendments Begins to Infect the Left: Kuznicki

Washington, D.C. denial of 2-million bikers backfires!: NoisyRm
What Happens When Citizens Get Fed Up With Speed Cameras: Blaze

Pete Sessions Latest Texan to Run Scared From De-Funding: Erick Erickson
The Implications of Fundamental Change: David Limbaugh
Syria and Obama: Thomas Sowell


Now Time Warner Dumping Retirees Into Obamacare Exchanges: LoneCon
Just How Distorted is the U.S. Unemployment Rate Number?: Mish
Once Again, the Private Sector Delivers More Help for the Poor: Elephant

Scandal Central

Holder, former IRS chief taught black churches how to skirt tax code: Joe Saunders, BPR
13 Leftists With Ties to Obama and Jeremiah Wright Tied to Massive Grant Fraud: Eric Odom
Impeach Attorney General Holder - for Justice's Sake: Clarice Feldman

Climate & Energy

Lengthy Senate report details EPA FOIA abuses: Exam
Bundle Up: Global Warming Is Over: MB
Former EPA chief Lisa Jackson returns to familiar hot seat: Andrew Restuccia


Surrender in the Culture Wars: Fred On Everything
Coulter: Putin Making a Monkey Out of Obama; Left in Full Race Card Meltdown: FAM
RFK, Jr. Secret Sex Diary Revealed: Kept Scorecard of Conquests: Tammy Bruce

An Invitation to Our Friends on the Left: Scoop
An Answer For Barbra Streisand's Stupid Question: Jean Paul Zodeaux, Downtrend
Paul Krugman is Blithering Idiot: Jean Paul Zodeaux

Sarah Palin: Forget Syria — It’s time to bomb Obamacare: Twitchy
Confounded on the Rehm Show: CAMERA
Alina Cho Departs CNN: A Recap of Her Worst Bias at the Network: Matt Hadro


Australia Demonstrates How Conservatives Can Win Against the Marxist Left: Blasted Fools
Barack and Malik Obama, Muslim Brotherhood, US Consulates and Billions of Your Money: MagNote
Israel's Defense minister ridicules notion of democracy in Mideast: Times of Israel

Obama Inc. Spends $1 Billion on Syrian Aid, Cuts Pay for US Soldiers: Daniel Greenfield
“Unbelievably small” describes a number of things about Sec. of State John Kerry: Sister Toldjah
The Biggest Mega-Mosque in Scandinavia: Soeren Kern, Gatestone

Bashar al-Assad Coldly Asks: 'What Red Line?': Brian Resnick
The Myth of the Moderate Syrian Rebels: Daniel Greenfield
Gold treasure trove unearthed at base of Temple Mount: Times of Israel


4 Trends Pushing Startup Changes: Jeff Carter
Supposed iPhone 5S User Guide brands fingerprint sensor as ‘Touch ID’: Benjamin Mayo, 9to5Mac
You Can Now Stream Video From Android to Roku: Jamie Condliffe, Gizmodo


"Nowhere in the Bible does Jesus have a sword fight.": 27bslash6
Bikers Rolling On DC To Save America #2MillionBikersToDC: Zilla
To punish Syria, Obama urged to send his economic advisers, not missiles: Andrew Malcolm

Image: Gold treasure trove unearthed at base of Temple Mount
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QOTD: "S&P's answer [to the Holder Department of Justice's] prosecution isn't really about 2008, or the years preceding it. It's about 2011, when S&P was the one major credit-rater that dared to downgrade the U.S. Treasury, stripping the government of the triple-A rating it had held for 70 years.

...now we know that Moody's has not been charged in the Justice suit. Coincidentally, Moody's counts among its owners Berkshire Hathaway, run by Obama pal Warren Buffett[, y]et Moody's had a rating identical to S&P's on nearly every tranche of every security mentioned in the lawsuit. All of which raises the question posed by federal Judge David Carter of the Central District of California in a recent court hearing: "Where's Moody's?"

...[T]his case has the aroma of political payback. So it's welcome news that Judge Carter is giving S&P the opportunity to conduct discovery to determine what government officials were saying to each other about this case before and after the 2011 downgrade. A deposition of Attorney General Eric Holder would be a good start." --WSJ

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