Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Obama Recalls That Time Roosevelt Out Debated Hitler

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Obama Recalls That Time Roosevelt Out Debated Hitler: Erick Erickson
Obama blames GOP for illegal alien murder of woman in SF: RWN
Chicago’s Strict Gun Laws Show Promise, Only 64 People Shot Over Weekend: IHTM

Is the World Becoming Fed Up?: Victor Davis Hanson
Deleted Hillary Emails Probably Relate to 'Clinton Cash' Deals>: Breitbart
Classified Clinton emails require seizure of server, Judicial Watch says: Times

Death by Peonage: The Z Man
Greece and Puerto Rico: Previews of Coming Attractions: Michael Pento
Obama Ties Budget Veto Threat to National Security: Steven Dennis

Paging Ted Cruz and All the Candidates. Take on the Vichy GOP.: Erick Erickson
Trump Doesn’t Exist in a Vacuum: Joe Cunningham
Democrat Senator: 1st Amendment Doesn’t Apply To Individuals: BlurBrain


China Attempts to Prop Up Stock Market After Steep Declines; 1929 Flashback: GEA
It Is NOT Priced-In, Stupid!: David Stockman
AP: Mass Unemployment, Lower Wages Is ‘New Normal’: S&L

Social Security expansion: Better than Greece!: Andrew G. Biggs
Health Insurers Ask for 54% Premium Increase to Pay for Obamacare Mess: GWP
Non-working America soars by 640,000 in one month to new record of 93.6 million: MyBudget360

Scandal Central

Former Scott Walker Aide Sues prosecutors for WI John Doe “Home Invasion”: LI
Murderer: I Chose SF Because It Is A 'Sanctuary City': Breitbart
Another Woman Shot Dead in “Random Act of Violence” While Walking In Hollywood: Treehouse

Climate & Energy

Marxist Center for American Progress helped craft EPA talking points, emails show: Lachlan Markay
After ruling, Morrisey pivots to EPA’s “navigable waters” battle: MetroNews WV


Cincinnati Mob Beats White Male Victim, “simply for being white”, While Rioting In Fountain Square: Treehouse
Leftists Want Minnesota Flag Taken Down Because It Shows White Man Working: RWN
Krugman Essentially Correct on Greece; Chance of Escape: Mike Shedlock

Insufficiently Independent to Hold an Independence Day Parade: Mark Steyn
Declaration should still wake the powerful up at night: Glenn Harlan Reynolds
Progressive Responses To Spree Killings OF Non-Muslim Nonblacks BY Muslims And Blacks: VDARE

Legendary CNN Anchor To Concealed Carry Opponents: “Shut The F–k Up About It.”: Bob Owens
Geraghty: On Gay Marriage, ‘Press has Decided One Side is Evil’: Matt Philbin
A Visual Guide to Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis: Michael Johnston


The Price of Flesh: Selling Women in the Islamic State Caliphate: Clarion Project
Why Benghazi Continues to Make a Difference.: Nicola Vandiver, Politichicks
Iran’s Dubious Track Record: Behnam Ben Taleblu

Obama Lies Again: “Deports” 900,000 Illegal Aliens—They NEVER Leave the U.S: Stephen Frank
US jets scrambled to intercept Russian bombers off California, Alaska on July 4: Lucas Tomlinson
‘Rape Trees:’ Proof of Massive Number of Sexual Assaults Occurring on Border: UFP (2014)

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Oregon Is First State to Charge Drivers for Each Mile They Drive: Susan Jones, CNS
Hackers Installed Sophisticated Malware on U.S. Computers. Why Doesn’t Anyone Care?: Andrea Castillo
Infographic: Charting the world’s sixth mass extinction: Amanda Shendruk


5 Political Characters of Americans: Journal of the American Revolution
Signers of the Declaration Coloring Books & Sticker Packs: MP
Time To Greece That Squeaky Wheel?: MOTUS

Image: South Carolina Senate expected to vote to remove Confederate flag
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: IT'S TIME: TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "Amid all this leftish high-fiving about court decisions and executive orders, we forget political and electoral reality. Barack Obama has done more to destroy liberal political power in the Congress and in the statehouses than any Democratic politician since the 1920s. His executive orders and neglect of enforcing existing law have green-lighted the executive power of the next Republican president in a way that Richard Nixon could hardly imagine. He has discredited the idea of a disinterested media to such a degree that its biased audits of the next future Republican administration will be seen as laughable.

Europe and the United States are seeing glimpses of the ultimate leftist trajectory — a mixture of Greece and Detroit, de facto non-enforcement of the law, the Iranian nuke deal, a new McCarthyism, and race, class, and gender hatred — and are becoming afraid and perhaps appalled. A growing number of people sense that 21st century leftist elites are not pragmatic working people, but a privileged sect that callously experiments with other people’s lives on the understanding that they are insulated and immune from the inevitable disasters that follow from their own ideas.

A great pushback is awakening here and abroad, but its timing, nature, and future remain mysterious." --Victor Davis Hanson

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Anonymous said...

The do nothing republican Congress has backed Obama on everything, after the 2014 Conservatives voters landslide .. funding Illegals amnesty .. approving pork budget..and on ..Nothing for securing the border ,no help for Middle class.. just welfare for chamber of commerce and Big Corporations

This why I will no loner vote Republicans.... the man who speaks the truth .. Trump has my vote in 2016

Adios Washington RINOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!