Saturday, April 07, 2012

Hey, Justin Bieber Fans: Hope You're Ready To Pay Special 'Youth Taxes' To Cover Your Elders' Screw-ups

Via the indefatigable Gateway Pundit comes this delightful news:

Germany set to tax young

GERMANY is proposing to levy extra taxes on the young to pay for the costs of the country's growing numbers of old people, under government plans for a ''demographic reserve'' levy.

...The German Chancellor's ruling party is seeking extra sources of revenue to pay for soaring pensions and bills for social care costs as Germany's ''baby boomer'' generation ages amid a decline in the birth rate.

...The proposals, to be adopted by Dr Merkel's party cabinet after the Easter break, have not yet set a figure on the age tax but officials are considering a special levy of about 1 per cent of income.

Because of a slump in Germany's population, as more ageing Germans retire there are fewer young workers to replace them as taxpayers to fund generous welfare and pension arrangements.

Ain't socialism great, kids?


Johan Galt said...

The young workers are now paying back the Kinder care payments their parents received from the government.

QueMan said...

...and coming to an America near you!!!