Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Obama Blame Database Reaches Impressive Size

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Obama Blame Database Reaches Impressive Size: RS
Obama’s ‘No Excuses’ Pledge Reaches Its Expiration Date: Geraghty
Report: Democrat-controlled Senate laziest in 20 years: Exam

“Corzine Steals Billions, Whale Watcher Faces Prison”: ProWis
Mixing and Matching: Sowell
White House Discontinues Transparency Tool: Foundry

Oops: 82% Favor Voter Identification: Cove
Project Veritas Proves How Easy Voter Fraud Is Without ID: Hawkins
Barney Frank: Passing Obamacare was a mistake: Malkin


Senate rejects ‘Buffett Rule’: Malkin
Flashback: Buffett Rule Test Drive in Washington State: ATR
OWS Organizer Attacks NYPD Officer With Metal Pipe: JWF

GSA's Neely: More advance prep gone wrong: Pundette
Obama's Lawless Bureaucracy Now Trying To Unionize America: Ace
Nothing to Cut! Cali Spends $205,000 to Move $15 Shrub.: Reason

Scandal Central

Katie Pavlich’s ‘Fast and Furious’: DLim
Obama-endorsed Occupy Thugs Smash Starbucks, Shout 'All Pigs Must Die': Breitbart
Katie Pavlich exposes “Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and Cover-Up”: Malkin

2012 Elections

It's Not 2008 Anymore: Seven Ways In Which 2012 Is Different: Ace
We Need Ted Cruz: Erickson
Tea Party Rallies for Romney in San Francisco: Zombie

Climate & Energy

Reuters: Those “green-collar jobs” promises have been a bust, huh?: Hot Air
Obama’s Latest Power Grab: Natural Gas: ConCom


My favorite Obama prediction, headline and photo: LI
Many Conservatives Were Shocked By Ann Coulter: RWN

Romney to Obama: Start Packing: Ace
The Obama Strategy: Pandering and Cries of Racism: Flopping Aces
Beckel throws F-bomb on Hannity Show: GWP

Wolf Blitzer Should Apologize to Allen West: Kincaid
Liberals to Ann Romney: Happy Birthday, bitch. Hope you die.: Twitchy
Levin: Romney needs to lay out a principled case of liberty and stop with class warfare: Scoop


"Diversity": They Drive Us Out, We Invite Them In: Gatestone
Iranian nuclear scientists were present at failed North Korean missile launch, says source: Haaretz
Israeli Soldier Gives Commie Protestor A Shot In The Mouth With His Rifle: Wzanmentobe

Shock: Obama Sends Millions of US Dollars to Kenya – Where His Socialist “Cousin” Is Prime Minister: GWP
Bumbling Obama Makes an “Uncharacteristic Error”: JWF
Obama Betrayed Netanyahu in Istanbul: Sentinel

Soldier to receive posthumous Medal of Honor: Army Times
‘International Solidarity Movement’ Protester Is Welcomed in Israel: RSM
Why Is Jordan Keeping Out Palestinian Refugees?: Gatestone


Netflix CEO Rips Comcast On Net Neutrality: Consumerist
Scariest Fitness Trends: Fox
$35 Raspberry Pi Micro-Computer Now Shipping to Customers: Wired


An Iwo Jima, Guadalcanal, Korea, and Vietnam Vet: Mellow
Takes One to Know One: XCV
Looking for a new spring vacation read? Let #ObamaBookTitles suggest a few!: Twitchy

Image: iOwnTheWorld (Headline o' the Day Award)
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QOTD: "George Zimmerman is not on trial because he shot a black teenager during a scuffle. It's not the facts of the case that brought him here. It's his name. Had his last name been Pereira, none of this would have gone anywhere. And it's not the name alone, it's that in this time and place lynching him will help make the political fortunes of everyone from the man in the White House to his cheerful smiling prosecutor who is already counting her campaign cash and book deals." --Daniel Greenfield

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