Friday, April 20, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: The Obama Administration May Be Nearing A Complete and Total Breakdown

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The Obama Administration Looks To Be Close To A Breakdown: Hanson
Ted Nugent Meets Secret Service: Ace
Tapper grills Carney on non-stop campaign travel: Scoop

Dem Senator: Obamacare Represents Failure: GWP
Pelosi: Amend the First Amendment: CNS
Trayvon Martin: New From Daily Beast: JOM


The Governing Class and Us: Foundry
Teacher upset she can't retire at 47: Events
Sessions Rips Senate Democrats Over Failure to Pass Budget: GWP

Gunmaker alleges political bias by Bank of America: LI
Thanks Obama! Food stamp users increase 70% since 2007: FAM
Audit Notes: Bank Run, Silicon Valley Small-ball, Anti-Free: CJR

American Tune: Goldfish & Clowns
Issues vs. ‘distractions’: Goldberg
AT&T-Verizon: The inevitable duopoly?: Fortune

Scandal Central

New Culture Of Irresponsibility: IBD
Every Picture Tells a Story: Solyndra Building for Sale!: WS
Investigate Nugent But Not Farrakhan?: IBD

2012 Elections

Rubio Slip: "If I Do A Good Job As Vice President": RCP
Lefty Mediaite Blogger: Mitt Romney’s “Obama Isn’t Working” Banner Is Racist: WZ
Pelosi Denies Obama Is In 'Campaign Mode': Exam

Climate & Energy

White House First to Say Chevy Volt Not Ready For Prime Time: NLPC
Obama’s Department of Homeland Security Forms Green Police: CDN
Obama faces defeat on pipeline as Dems defect: York


Michele Bachmann- Obama “Waving a Tar Baby in the Air”: Shark Tank
Harrowing Mel Gibson rant released by screenwriter Joe Eszterhas: Fox
Lifetime's Perky Prostitute: RWN

No More “Mr. Obama Is a Nice Guy”: Malkin
The 25 Best Quotes From Thomas Sowell: RWN
Dana Loesch in Chicago owns Occupy sympathizer over rapes and vandalism: FAM


How the Eurocrisis Will Affect the West: Gatestone
Iran Marks Holocaust Remembrance Day By Playing Holocaust-Denying Cartoons On TV: WZ
The Summit of the America’s in nutshell: Babalu


Microsoft Uncloaks Windows 8 for ‘Consumerized’ Businesses: Wired
Vietnam asks WHO to help identify killer disease: AP
Facebook Cools New Data Center With Hot Southern Air: Wired


That Dawg Won’t Hunt: MOTUS
"Is He Too Old For Me?": Dear Wendy
Twitter has fun creating socialist band names: Twitchy

Image: Ace o' Spades
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QOTD: "Obama, it would seem, wants to deny to others what he will not deny to himself. He wants to deny to the children of others what he will not deny to his own children. He wants to amass riches, but he doesn't want you to amass wealth. He doesn't mind private school for his own children, but he minds it for your children. He doesn't mind eating whatever he wants to eat, but he minds what you eat. He doesn't mind taking that 747 one frivolous trip after another, one self-serving fundraising after another, but he minds what you drive and how much fuel you use. And we can go on and on." --Mark Levin

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