Monday, April 23, 2012

Gas Price Headline Hilarity

May I present a panoply of headline hypocridity? That's a new word I invented just for liberal media, a cross between hypocrisy and stupidity. It just fits.

• 22 April 2012 - On Meet the Press, "unemployed douchebag Keith Olbermann declares gas prices [are] set deliberately high to screw Obama." Probably by investors evil speculators. Or the Koch Brothers!

• 9 May 2006 - On CBS News, "Bush, Big Oil, Slammed On Pump Prices" blamed a conspiracy of President George W. Bush and his oil buddies for driving prices higher.

• 11 April 2004 - In Time Magazine, the neuron-challenged Andrew Sullivan asserted that gas prices were far too low: "even when they peak this summer [of 2004]..., they will be too low...." Sullivan blamed, in part, Bush's drive to addict Americans to cheap oil.

Respectively, the driver of gas prices -- at least according to the Democrat "intelligentsia" -- are: (a) speculators targeting Obama; (b) Bush conspiring with big oil to keep prices high; (c) Bush conspiring with big oil to keep prices too low.

Not supply and demand. Not the free market.

But malevolent actors imagined by Democrat hacks.

Folks, these people are so stupid I'm surprised they can breathe without mechanical assistance.

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Shayne said...

Ho can it be about free market when these morons don't believe in it?