Friday, April 27, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Summer of Loveless

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Summer of Loveless: ConCom
A Nobody With No Audience Gets Noticed by Mitch McConnell: RS
A Plea to My Fellow Conservatives: CFP

Decline or decadence?: Hanson
Obama Tax Rates Are 'Weapons Of Mass Destruction': FoxNation
KY Employees Can't Be Fired for Storing Guns in Cars: Volokh

Obama to begin campaign, aide says with straight face: Malcolm
CCW Holder Stops Stabbing Rampage in Utah: AllAm
Vacation backlash: Blue collar Dems jealous, angry at Obamas: Exam


Obama's Attack on Family Farms: Out of the Marxist Playbook: GWP
Obama Withdraws Farm Child Rule: Blogmocracy
The Rest of the Story on Student Loans: Foundry

Unexpected: New Jobless Claims At Three Month High: S&L
Illinois is running out of time and money: Will
Here’s Something Paul Ryan Really Said: Glob

Scandal Central

Michelle's Vacation in Spain Cost Taxpayers $500K: JW
DreamWorks Nightmare: Major Obama Donor's Studio Under SEC Investigation: Beacon
Sun Times’ report on Frawley sentencing in error: IP2P

Obama admin. let grenades walk in Fast and Furious; without regard for potential danger: DC
Boehner says Obama campaigned on taxpayer money: Times
Bailout Of The US Postal Service Begins: Cost To Taxpayers - $110,000 Per Union Vote "Saved Or Gained": ZH

2012 Elections

Stanley Kurtz on Obama's Socialism: Loudon
Report: The Georgia Democratic Party’s Political Director Is a Criminal Recidivist: Nice Deb
Virginia: Romney 45%, Obama 44%: Rasmussen

Climate & Energy

Y2Kyoto: Rise Of The Green Reich: SDA
Fear the EPA: WyBlog
EPA Official Has History of Unfair Attacks on Oil and Gas: FreeEnt

Gore and the Democrats' Green Graft Machine: AT
Caring, Helpful Public Servant of the Day: EPA Edition: Powers
Green Activists Boot Jesse Watters From Festival After He Confronts Commie Van Jones: GWP


Even Liberal Media Mocking Obama for Faux Campaign: Beacon
Media’s Lack of Accountability Now Blamed on ‘Right-Wing Bloggers’?: RSM
27 Daily Affirmations for Bloggers: American Digest

The “Progressive” brand — for what does it stand?: LI
People Wonder Why I Call Obama ‘#OccupyResoluteDesk’: RSM
BUZZFEED: Democrats Focus On #MittsMissingYears: Glob

If Mormonism Is Fair Game, so Is Jeremiah Wright: Elder
Schooling the Supremes on our New Constitution: MOTUS
Obama's tall tale about student loans starts falling apart: JWF


Want to Know Just How Close the Muslim Brotherhood Is to the Obama Admin?: Gabbay
FBI: Number of Michigan IP addresses on jihadi websites is “staggering”: Creeping
The Piece of Paper That Killed Bin Laden: Atlantic

Biden 'Holds the American Record for Wrong on the Most Issues in Foreign Affairs Ever': NB
OMG: In the event of war, J Street says they won't necessarily support Israel: Matzav
Thank God For The Arab Spring, Right?: HayRide


Young Readers Will Never Run Out of Books With MeeGenius: Wired
Apple Wants to Patent Its MacBook Air Design: Wired
Recovering Windows Passwords Remotely in Plain Text: Infosec Island


The 10 Best Obama Ate A Dog Images From Around The Web: RWN
Justice Scalia Shares Gun Love with Justice Kagan on Hunting Trip: Guns
10 funniest fake pols on Twitter: Politico

Image: People's Cube
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QOTD: "Gotta hand it to the Muslim Brotherhood. Hard to come up with a more apt image of the Arab Spring than an aroused Islamist rogering a corpse." --Mark Steyn

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Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, the word “Barack” has two meanings Swahili:

It’s a pejorative term to describe one who has Excrement for Brains.

And It also translates to English as ‘One who eats dogs.’