Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Obama and The Perfect Storm of Misery

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Obama and The Perfect Storm of Misery: Baldilocks
Obamacare's Newest Fraud: RWN
Earth Day 2012 Fizzles — Badly: Nice Deb

Conservative Consumers: Stand Your Ground: Malkin
Dems To Obstruct If SCOTUS Upholds AZ Law: S&L
Social Security’s in trouble? Why didn’t anybody tell us?: Troglo

'Now That's Justice for Trayvon': Ace
Obama Grabs Credit Again: Beatty
ANWR -- It's Been 10 Years: Wizbang


Your Obama reelection cheat sheet: Boortz
Trumka's Big Bucks: Free Beacon
Politics of Denial: Peth

It's another Obama record!: Hot Air Pundit
Public Unions Bankrupt Illinois: Unpaid Bills Top $9 Billion: Mish
Wanna Know Why California's Broke?: ConCom

Devious Taxation: Williams
Obama Fought Oil And Lost; Now It’s Back To Reality: IBD
Weeping four-year-old girl accused of carrying a gun by TSA: Daily Mail

2012 Elections

Shocker: Obama’s Popularity Falls Among Catholics: JWF
College students face a simple choice in 2012: Glob
Joe Kennedy III: Out. Of. Touch.: Sarah

Scandal Central

Cuomo Administration Caught Trying to Silence Whistleblower: MenRec
Valerie Jarrett’s Father-in-Law a Communist; Worked With Obama Mentor Frank Marshall Davis: Loudon (2011)
Nancy Pelosi's Top 10 Gaffes: Times

Climate & Energy

British climate alarmist recants his alarmism: Q&O
EPA's Regulatory Train Wreck: FreedomWorks
The Last Days of Global Warming Theory?: AT


An Indictment of Liberalism: DC
NY Times Pledges ‘Unbiased Political Reporting’, Laff Riot Ensues: Breitbart
Tammy Radio Beating Rush Head-To-Head on Interwebtubes?: Bruce

Journalism, Jihad, and the New York Times: AIM
#JusticeforTrayvon: Random acts of brutal violence, media complicit: Twitchy
War on Chelsea Clinton: Blogmocracy

Obama Loves America… When It Agrees With Him: Publius
Follow-Up: Atlantic Revises John Edwards Trial Article, Discloses Actual Facts About Edwards and Author: Blumer
The Assault on Food: Stossel


Communists Work on a New Improved, Pro-Obama “Occupy” Movement: Loudon
For Holocaust Day This Year – Obama Puts Jew-Bashing Crackpot on Atrocities Board: GWP
Elie Weisel puts Obama in his place: Matzav

Terror Defeated? Ask Afghans, Iranians and Egyptians: IBD
The elephant of Jew hatred: Glick
Free Speech Found Guilty by Europe: Gatestone

Segregated swimming for Muslim women creeps in Nashville & Virginia: Creeping
Portuguese Finance Minister Admits Keynesian Stimulus Was a Flop: Cato
Robert Spencer Book Talk/Reception for "Did Muhammad Exist? An Inquiry into Islam's Obscure Origins": UrbInf


The Fort Knox Approach to Security: Infosec Island
Eight Products the Facebook Generation Will Not Buy: Yahoo!
Facebook Passes the 900 Million Monthly Users Barrier: WSJ


The Atrocities Prevention Board: Keeping the Horse We Rode in On.: MOTUS
Sean Penn and Mikhail Gorbachev Walk Into a Bar: Mellow Jihadi
The Tantrum: C&S

Image: Pirate's Cove
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QOTD: " is everyone adjusting to the knowledge that Romney is our nominee? It could be worse. He’s well-spoken, he has economic knowledge, and he’s never eaten a dog. We could win this." --Frank J.

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Doug, this unusually excellent Reuters reportage needs to go viral.

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