Thursday, April 26, 2012

'Breitbart Is Here' - The Music Video

Written and performed by Chris Cassone and directed by Big Fur Hat: "Breitbart Is Here."

I also had the pleasure of meeting one of the video's cameramen -- Mr. Pinko -- this past weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. Except when he smacked me around.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Doug.

You're no 3rd tier Blog site to me.

Z said...

I'm sending this to the Breitbart family...I know they'll love it.
His father and step-mother in law are dear friends and they'll be getting this ... they'll forward it to Susie.
It's not a consolation to a young widow (I'm a slightly older recent widow so I know) to know "Breitbart is here" because he's NOT, to her...but I know she'll love the honor.
Thanks so much. GOod job.

I can't believe my word verification is 'ikettes'! :-)