Saturday, April 14, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Who is this guy pretending to be president?

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Who is this guy pretending to be president?: Malcolm
The President Who Doesn’t Spend Much Time Campaigning: Powers
West: I'll Expose These Communists Democrats in Congress:

Ouch! Decade of Obamacare Will Cost $1,160 billion: Barone
Black-on-black victims could fill our stadiums: Fountain
Farrakhan Exposed, A History of Anti-American Hate: NoisyRm

Hey, remember 'stay-at-home Mom' Rielle Hunter?: Treacher
ObamaCare Vs. LeninCare: U.S. Copies Soviets: IBD
Did Washerman-Schlitz Just Dis the President?: Shark Tank


10 Ways Public Schools are Failing Kids and Bankrupting Us: Real
Another Lie: Obama Doesn't Qualify for 'Buffett Rule': WS
The Obama Family Tax Shelter: Beacon

The Obama Legacy: Tax Refunds Used to File for Bankruptcy: Bruce
Obama regs to cut 7 mil car buyers out of market: Exam
Jack Welch Blasts Obama as Blamer-In-Chief: IBD

2012 Elections

Dick Lugar Must Be Defeated in Indiana: AmSpec
Team Mitt’s New Bumper Sticker: “Mom’s Drive The Economy”: Cove
Joan Walsh Slams Ann Romney: CDN

Scandal Central

Shock: Stimulus-Funded Solar Firm Cancels IPO: Beacon
A Dozen Secret Service Agents Sent Home From Columbia After Allegations Of Misconduct Involving Hookers: SAB
Issa: Fast and Furious Isn't Over: Pavlich


Reynolds Destroys Elhauge on Constitutionality of Obamacare: Instapundit
Roll Call’s Cowardly Hit Piece on Ron Johnson: RS
Lying Badly: Axelrod Tips CNN’s Suicide Pact with White House: ConCom

Why do Soros monkeys hate women?: Malkin
Awesomeness: Ann Romney Speaks to NRA: AmPower
Warning: Brain-Bleach Shortage!: RSM

What makes Michelle's head ache and more #waronwomen fun: Pundette
Blunt John Stossel on Why He left Liberal ABC News: 'It Sucked There': MRC
Palin: 'Mama Grizzles' Roar Back at Rosen: Times


“North Korea marks founder’s 100th birthday with failed rocket launch”: ProWis
"No Survivors" - Remembering Eagle Flight: BlackFive
The Islamic adult breastfeeding fatwa has returned: Creeping

Report: German ship carrying Iranian weapons to Syria stopped at sea: Haaretz
Weapons Expert Publishes First Issue of 'Al-Qaeda Airlines' Magazine, Focusing on Making Chloroform: MEMRI
Israel fights Palestinian Protesters With Non Leathal Weapon "Skunk Water": BBC


Intel’s First Windows 8 Tablet Specs Unveiled With Fancy New Chipsets: Wired
SushiBot Rolls Out 3,600 Pieces per Hour: Wired
New Asus Transformer Pad 300 tablet coming April 22 for $399: CNet


Buffet Rule: iOTW
Major Obama Crony-Contributor company to count and manage 2012 US Vote results?: CFP
Drop What You’re Doing and Spend a Little Time at Caine’s Cardboard Arcade: iOTW

Image: Ramirez, Investors Business Daily
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Mourdock for Senate --- Fire Dick Lugar

QOTD: "Has anyone seen Barack Obama recently? You know, the optimistic hopeful fellow with the charming smile who promised so many positive things four and five years ago, how he was going to change the harsh, partisan tone of our nation's capital and bring the country together as its first African American president.

...WTH did that Obama go? Have you listened recently to this Chicago Doppelganger who's replaced him? This 2012 Obama is strident and mean, even deceitful, divisive, telling half-truths after half-truths. He's using Air Force One as his personal Brinks truck with wings to collect cash all over the country, disguising the trips as official.

He tries to intimidate the Supreme Court, an equal branch of government, when its thinking might stray from his. He distorts history, and if no one calls him, then it's true. If he's caught, this Obama says you obviously mis-heard. Because, as everyone knows, he could never mis-speak." --Andrew Malcolm

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Anonymous said...

Our pretend leader President Barry ( I got OBL) Obama has only one thing he can talk up – and that’s allowing other brave men take out Osama Bin Laden.