Saturday, April 28, 2012

"I'm unemployed, my wife left me and the house is getting foreclosed on, but at least we've got a cool president!"

And they say Journolist is dead? Gee, Bucky, this doesn't appear orchestrated or anything.

Via Investors Business Daily ("It's Cool To Be In The Tank For Obama"), let's explore the latest legacy media talking points, straight from the desk of David "Red Diaper Baby" Axelrod:

The Washington Post, 25 April 2012: "The battle for Cool in this election seems unfairly tilted in President Obama’s favor"

The Daily Beast, 25 April 2012: "Obama’s 11 Most Badass Moments"

• ABC News' George Stephanapoulous, 26 April 2012: "Campaigning for the ‘Cool’ Vote"

ContactMusic, 26 April 2012: "Jimmy Fallon - Obama On Late Night Too Cool For Cool?"

Christian Science Monitor, 27 April 2012: "Obama's cool factor: what Romney can do to counter it (+video)"

Washington Post, 27 April 2012: "President Obama is cool. Mitt Romney isn’t."

• Kathleen Parker, 27 April 2012: "Obama's cool factor carries the day"

• ABC News, 27 April 2012: "Republicans Look to Undermine the President’s Coolness and Likeability"

• MSNBC, 27 April 2012: "Will Obama's 'coolness' factor work against him?"

Alaska Dispatch, 27 April 2012: "What Romney can do to counter Obama's 'cool factor'"

• CBS News, 27 April 2012: "Can Mitt Romney Make Boring Sexy?"

• Paul Cunningham, 27 April 2012: "Stuck with a socially awkward nominee, Republicans hate it that Obama is so cool"

The Nation, 28 April 2012: "The GOP’s Fear of a Cool Obama"

We Americans don't want a "cool" president. We want a competent one. One who believes in individual sovereignty, personal liberty, free enterprise, a growing and productive private sector, the Declaration and the Constitution. We want a competent president who respects America's laws, its founding, morals and traditions.

And Barack Obama has proven himself, over and over again, to be woefully lacking in each and every one of these areas.


winifred said...

not "cool"

Ice Cold Statist America-Hater

that's what we are forced to endure.

another 7 months, scumbags.

Anonymous said...

Must suck to be have yet another boring stiff robot for a candidate this election. Like it or not TV has raised the bar on "likability" for a candidate. Having no personality has become a bad asset.

Anonymous said...

Tell me again, why is it cool to be a bisexual marxist?

the elephant's child said...

I'm with you. Competence, please. Serious competence and understanding of business, international relations, how to solve our economic problems and give American business a government they can depend on. Business will start to hire, the economy will be free to grow.

Cool? No thanks.

Anonymous said...

Cool picture of the Prez. Toe-jamming the news.

Anonymous said...


Jim - PRS said...

In this instance, "cool" = dumb as a bag of hammers.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I've seen B.O. golf and play basketball; VERY cook!

Bones said...

Selling Obama like he was the latest sneaker or jeans design!
We need grownups in charge again.

Anonymous said...

Cool as in Marxist Dickhead Sphincter? Yep, Barry has that locked up.

Anonymous said...

He's very cool...especially when hhe stammers and stutters every time he tries to soumd "off the cuff" and isn't just reciting talking points. Sounds like a drooling idiot even WITH the teleprompter. Ever hear the Beck routine where BO says "I-I-I-I-" like Jimmy Stewart when he's telling a boldfaced lie?

Of course, sigh, to the kids in the media, "cool" IS the top determinent of what makes a good president. (And of course, these "kids" think black -- even half -- is the ultimate cool.)

P.S. I know he's mostly white and Arab. but the "half-black" SOUNDS so cool.

Anonymous said...

Te Iceman Goeth.

Anonymous said...

The media's gushing on all things blown up to comedy & imaginary merely tells us the praetorian guard media has become the domain of the educated inteffectual idiots who never learned to stop drooling after the cut their baby teeth.

JaneLovesJesus said...

no co-ordinated effort here. They're simply timesharing a single brain.

stloucat said...

Shockingly, the Parker piece was 'cautiously' critical of the President and even warned his team that in the battle of the cool guys (Obama) vs. the nerds (Romney) -- the nerds usually win!