Monday, April 30, 2012

And Axelrod Wept: Why Millions of Youth Voters Will Reject Barack Obama and the Failed Democrat Agenda

If a picture is a worth a thousand words, this infographic could be worth five million youth voters who have sadly come to the realization that the Utopian fantasies of Statist oligarchs are actually nightmares.

From high school to grad school, students across the country are preparing to get their diplomas and move into the next phase of their lives. This is always a time of hope and excitement, but there is no denying the obstacles young people face in today’s economy. Many will have to move home to save money. Many will struggle to find work. And those who can strike out on their own often won’t earn what they would have 5 years ago.

You cannot impose ObamaCare, borrow $1 trillion every year, restrict energy production, constantly threaten higher taxes, and still expect entrepreneurs and small businesses to take the same risks and hire the same numbers that they otherwise would. We need a new approach that gets the government out of the way and gives Americans – young and old – the freedom to chase their dreams.

Sources: The Associated Press, TIME, Economic Policy Institute, Pew Research Center

Resist we much.

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Reliapundit said...

sadly, these dire figures an be spun to fit obama's socialist agenda:

"let obama take stuff way from the 1% then you will be able to move out and get jobs"

as if it was the greed of the rich that is holding the nation back.

that's why we need more than just the facts.

we need a promise and a plan.

a simple plan that can be enacted quickly.

1 - tax cuts
2 - spending cuts
3 - more domestic energy exploration/exploitation
4 repeal obamacare and dodd frank

how about no payroll tax - for employers or employees - on the first 25thou coupled with raising the age of retirement gradually to 68?