Friday, April 13, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Breitbart Disciple Exposes Red Influence in Congress

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Breitbart Disciple Exposes Red Influence in Congress: NoisyRm
Allen West Versus the Communists: Hayward
Rule of Law Collapses: MB

Real Moms of the GOP vs. White House SOP: Malkin
Democrats Own the 'War on Moms': Breitbart
Dem Hit-woman Rosen Visited White House 35+ Times: Malkin

#OWS American Spring Agitprop: The Lynch the NYPD Edition: Urban
White House Continues War on Religion With HHS Fines: Sentinel
Michelle Takes Fire for 2004 Defense of Partial-Birth Abortions: LifeNews


Why There Are No Such Thing As Unncessary Tests: Razor
Jobless Claims Rose Last Week ‘Unexpectedly’: S&L
Your Tax Money (Almost) Going for This Dude’s Bail: Patterico

Ann Romney Hasn’t Had It Tough Like Michelle Obama: Patterico
Joe Biden Even Lying to Babies Now: Hawkins
Obama's Budget Priority: Destroy D.C. Voucher Program: Foundry

Scandal Central

Bread and Racial Circuses: Sultan Knish
Dershowtiz: Zimmerman arrest affidavit is irresponsible, unethical: Bruce
It Begins… Leftists Call Ann Romney a C---, B----, Wh--e for Being Stay-at-Home Mom: GWP

Climate & Energy

GM Electric Car Battery Explodes, Again Raising Chevy Volt Questions: Tatler
How airports like BWI help set outlier high temperature records: Watts
Tim Ball: Claims Global Warming Increases Severe Weather Are Scientifically Incorrect: JunkScience


Noted Hfistorian Mel Gibson: "Holocaust Was Mostly A Lot of Horse S**T: Lid
Dana Loesch Explains Her Ephesians 6 Tattoo, Jolly Roger Necklace and More: RSM
Which is it Mr. President, 'Professor' or 'Senior Lecturer'?: IL Review

Politico's Vandehei: Obama Campaign 'Insanely Political', Buffett Rule 'Total Gimmickry': NB
Obama Campaign Slogan Contest Winners: Patterico
MSNBC discovers the body count of Communism: DTG

Post Racial: La Raza President: Blacks, Hispanics Should Team Up "To Attack Common Enemies": Equalizer
Ann Romney Attacked By Crazed Lesbian: Camp o' the Saints
Feminism, Careerism, Lesbianism: RSM

Thank You, Mrs. Rosen: DLim
Wolf Blitzer Puts Hilary Rosen Through the Wringer, Forces Her to Apologize to Ann Romney: NB
Rush reads 1994 Ann Romney interview which obliterates left’s “out of touch” narrative: Scoop


Hillary Clinton Gives $147 Million (of your tax dollars) to Hamas: Creeping
Retiring Public Employee to 500 Colleagues: I Haven’t Worked in 14 Years!: Blaze
US Navy Develops Robot 'Jellyfish' Powered Exclusively by Seawater: Reaganite

One Hundred Broken Mirrors: Sultan Knish
Europe now sees its financial crisis never really went away: Samuelson
MMFA Researcher: Shame on Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: Beacon


Behind the scenes video reveals Google's attention to search detail: Engadget
Death to Word - It’s time to give up on Microsoft’s word processor.: Slate
BMW: The Greatest Car Ever Made Says Top Gear’s Hammond: Yahoo!


Hilarity Rosen: Glob
Open Thread: MB
JK Rowling announces title of first adult novel: BBC

Image: George Zimmerman, Atlantic Wire
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "...understand that Rosen’s comments also transcend her opinion of stay-at-home moms. She’s articulating the narrow, intolerant leftist view that if you are a member of a particular group, you must adopt the attitudes of the left, or you won’t measure up. If you are black, a woman or gay and don’t subscribe to liberalism and embrace its hostile identity politics, you are not an authentic black person, woman or gay person. If you are a pro-life woman, you can’t fully identify with real women.

Rosen’s view that the “Romney-Ryan” budget victimizes waitresses further displays the left’s habit of seeing everything through the prism of identity politics. Like President Obama, she places people in economic classes, too — the haves and the have-nots — and the only solution they offer the “have-nots” is government assistance, not the hope of advancement through greater opportunity." --David Limbaugh

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