Saturday, April 21, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Barack Obama Schools Debbie Wasserman Schultz 'Don’t Forget, You Work For Me'

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Obama tells Wasserman Schultz “Don’t Forget, You Work For Me”: Shark
Fired Secret Service Agent Eligible for $2.1MM in Pension: Beacon
Boston hates Barack: President Obama booed at Red Sox game: Twitchy

Barack Obama's Polygamist Roots: AmPower
Smear-Troll @Dan_Verg_ Commits Libel With Bogus Tweet: RSM
Coroner: Breitbart died of heart failure, hardened arteries: LAT


‘He kept us out of depression’ vs. ‘He kept us from prosperity’: Peth
Food Stamp Fraud: Open Trading of Food Stamps on Social Nets: Twitchy
Despite Recession, Gun Sales Still Booming: Bruce

Awesome: Breitbart’s ‘Occupy Unmasked’ trailer released: Scoop
‘The 2012 National Debt Road Trip’: AmRight
Even more anti-semitism at Occupy Wall Street: Power Line

2012 Elections

‘Mormon Mitt’ Meme Keeps Popping Up in Mainstream Media: RSM
Manchin: I may not vote for Obama in November: Hot Air
Dems Fret About Their Virulently Anti-Israel Congressional Candidate: Beacon

Scandal Central

Third Smoking Gun in Fast and Furious?: Beacon
‘Gunwalker’ suspect gave ATF and border authorities plenty of clues amidst lies: Codrea
Mission Accomplished: Frawley joins Blago and Rezko in the Silence Chamber: IP2P

Climate & Energy

Maybe Don Surber is Right: DTG
Steve Zwick Says Burn The Deniers (Metaphorically)!: Briggs
Uh Oh Global Warming Devotees – Some Glaciers Are Growing: Sentinel


MSNBC: We Reserve the Right to Lie About You: Power Line
Coulter: Obama’s silver spoon was ‘an affirmative action silver spoon’: DC
Olbermann unleashed: Wanders, pouts in Central Park: Twitchy

Oops! Dem Governor Bashes Romney for Polygamist Roots – Forgets About Obama’s Polygamist Dad: GWP
After Weeks of Misreporting – Media Releases Bloody George Zimmerman Photo: GWP
MSNBC Genius of the Day: NASCAR Racers Go 500 Miles Per Hour: Powers

Obama's War on Dogs: Lady Liberty
Breitbart Portrait Presented to Team Breitbart at #BlogConCLT: AllAm
“If I wanted America to fail”: NoisyRm


The Elephant of Jew Hatred: Glick
Holder Refuses to Enforce the Law Against WikiLeaks and Russia Today: Kincaid
Shocking nation, Norway killer describes island massacre: Reuters


The Isaacson biography of Steve Jobs: Hayek
Google-Sun court docs reveal long Java licensing dance: CNet
Microsoft Looks To Stall iPad With New Windows 8 VDI License: CRN


Fast Food Bracket Round 3: OTN
Geekgasm alert: five Star Trek captains appearing together on stage: Troglo
Rare Penny Auctioned in Illinois: ABC

Image: Power Line
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QOTD: "...maybe it’s stretching the definition of “mainstream” to include the Daily Beast and MSNBC, but the predicted eruptions of the “Mormon Mitt” meme keep occurring with increasing frequency...

...They’re now doing the same to Romney with the “Mormon Mitt” meme: Establishing the map-grid coordinates, as it were, so that when the signal flare goes up, everybody is aiming at the same target and Romney is helplessly trapped in the media kill-zone...

...You can see it coming a mile away, folks. Don’t say you weren’t warned." --Robert Stacy McCain

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