Friday, April 20, 2012

Good news! Joe Kennedy the 12th wants to end 'cheap oil'

Joe Kennedy the 19th believes he has a royal right of inheritance to Barney Frank's seat. No, I mean his Congressional seat. How else to explain this idiocy:

Ever since he entered the race for Massachusetts' Fourth Congressional District, Joseph Kennedy III has been facing criticism for avoiding discussing any substantive issues. Even left-leaning blogs have pointed out that his website lacked an issues page.

Well, Kennedy finally stepped up this week and gave the voters some idea about where he stands on the issues:

Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama — they’ve all talked about the same thing: the need to wean ourselves off our debilitating dependence on foreign oil.

The cycle that allows cheap oil to trump tough choices has to stop. Forty years is enough.

- Joe Kennedy III, April 17, 2012, "A Note From Joe"

So our problem is cheap oil. Who knew?

I'm sure that comment gives a lot of comfort to the residents of Massachusetts, many of whom are dependent on heating oil each winter.

So I created the following bumper-sticker:

Feel free to spread it around. I know Joe Kennedy is often described as "out of touch". That's a monumental understatement.

Update: Bonus sticker!

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Chunkdog said...

Why is it that all the people who want the price of oil to rise are the people who can either easily afford $10 per gallon or don't pay for their own gas?
Either way high gas prices don't affect them.

directorblue said...

@Chunkdog -

That's something I've learned about the Left through long, painful experience: they always want the rabble (us) to live in some way they wouldn't dare to suffer.

Think about Al Gore jetting around in a Gulfstream talking about a "climate emergency" for the archetypical example.