Friday, April 20, 2012

Chart illustrating the uncanny resemblance of the federal government to an organized criminal operation

Remember the charges of racism leveled by the Left after Newt Gingrich called Barack Obama "the Foodstamp President"?

How about "The Disability President"?

A record 5.4 million workers and their dependents have signed up to collect federal disability checks since President Obama took office, according to the latest official government data, as discouraged workers increasingly give up looking for jobs and take advantage of the federal program...

...Since the recession ended in June 2009, the number of people who've signed up for disability benefits is twice the job growth figure. In just the first four months of this year, 539,000 joined the disability rolls and more than 725,000 put in applications.

As a result, by April there were 10.8 million people on disability, according to Social Security Administration data released this week. Even after accounting for all those who've left the program — mainly because they hit retirement age or died — that's up 53% from a decade ago.

I'm sure many of you also recall this disturbing chart:

It illustrates the number of Americans dependent on (or simply abusing) the Food Stamp program.

Not only is Barack Obama intentionally growing an entire underclass dependent on government largess, but he is also facilitating corruption and fraud on a scale unseen in American history. Whether it's disability, food stamps, Medicare, or Medicaid, this government is supporting tens of billions of dollars in fraudulent wealth transfers.

Whether this administration has undisclosed ties to organized crime -- or whether its naked incompetence is simply facilitating organized crime -- is a question best left as an exercise for the reader.


Soquel by the Creek said...

Practically all these trends happening at the national level started out here in California.

Take a look at this chart, showing the percentage of Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF) recipients compared to the state's share of the U.S. population. Does anything seem out of place to you?

Anonymous said...

Addicts and PTSD victims, made unable to work by their problems, are increasing and populating the roles.

Americans are increasingly addicted to behaviors (gambling, porn, emotional, mental and O/C disorders) and substances (legal: oxycontin is the biggest plague and illegal drugs: meth, cocaine, heroin, as well as alcohol)...some studies say nearly 50% of the US population.

This reality has been studiously avoided in election campaign debates. The US can't recover until US citizens recover.

Anonymous said...

That's rolls, not rolls.