Monday, April 30, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: At War With Our Own Party

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At War With Our Own Party: RS
Sebelius forced to admit total constitutional ignorance: NB
Twitter's infestation of radical flag-spam abusers: Twitchy

A not-friendly reminder to the Activist Left about Gitmo: Moe Lane
The Truth Gets a Hearing in Dearborn: Atlas
Master of Lies: CDN


Uh Oh: World Food Prices Spike As Soy Harvest Collapses: Mead
NYT Shields Readers From Walker's Gains in WI: Mead
Obama's Wasteful Spending Ad: Publius

Meet the New Farm, Same as the Old Farm?: Zombie
10 Dubious Obama Records: FAM
What Have Democrats Been Doing for 1,000 Days?: ATR (1/24/12)

Chart of the Day: Obama Stimulus Spending Per Capita by State: VR
We don't need to reform the TSA, we need to get rid of it: SAB
Spain Joins 10 Other Western Countries in Recession: ZH

2012 Elections

Obama Losing Rock-star Status Among Young Voters: Barone
Mitt Still Hasn’t Convinced: Huston
Lugar to target cell phones near Mourdock events: LI

Scandal Central

Trayvon: 46 Days; Fast and Furious: 527 Days and Counting: AT
Senate Democrats Can’t Pass a Budget Because They’re Too Busy Setting Traps for Republicans: LoneCon
Solyndra Not Dealing With Toxic Waste At Milpitas Facility: CBS SF

Climate & Energy

EPA and the White House Wash Their Hands of the ‘Crucifixion’ Mess: RS
Transcript: Al Gore Got ‘D’ in ‘Natural Sciences’ at Harvard: CNS
Wind farms linked to temperature increase: ABC Australia


Google Chief Schools Krugman: 'Surely You're Not Arguing Government Should Hire All Unemployed People': NB
Reuters analysis of Obama failures abroad pretty much as expected: LI
#FreeChrisLoesch: Twitter and Conservatives: Breitbart

Ashley Judd Makes Cruel and Tasteless Jokes About Abortion in Political Video: RSM
Maureen Dowd's Screech: 'American Women Are Hunted Creatures' by Catholics, GOP: NB
Krauthammer’s Hilarious Takedown Of EPA: NoisyRm

"Breitbart Is Here" DC Chapter of FreeRepublic "Freeps" The White House Correspondent's Dinner: Marin
18 funniest jokes by Jimmy Kimmel at the White House Correspondents' Dinner: Politico
California Lottery Edits Ad After Radical Feminist Groups Complain Against 'Glamorizing Violence': AmPower

Twitterverse Mocks NPR Over Shameless, Obama Boot-Licking Headlines: GWP
Fareed Zakaria Shocker: Buffett Rule Is 'Bad Politics' for Obama: NB
Everybody Keeps Getting a Busy Signal at the Blogger Burnout Hotline Nowadays: RSM


What the Times and the Post have ignored in April: Matzav
Aerial Armada Assembles Off Iran: Wired
Red Cross: 16 killed in attack on Catholic worship service at Nigeria university: Fox

Progressives Claim Radical Islamists Taking Power in Mid East is Good For the World: BRubin
Why isn't Muhammad Abu Shahala all over the western media?: Matzav
CIA Told Obama Case for WMD in Iraq Was Stronger Than Bin Laden Being in Abbottabad: NB


How I learned to say, 'Hi, Google Docs; bye, MS Word': Cooper
Real ‘Beautiful Mind’: College Dropout Became Mathematical Genius After Mugging: ABC
Sitting Can Kill You: Insider


Pictures of The Day: Personal Responsibility in a POTUS: Babalu
Andrew Breitbart’s Assigned Coroner? Dead, Heart, Poison Suspected: NoisyRm
Seven dead after van flies over railing into Bronx Zoo: Post

Image: Marooned in Marin
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QOTD: "Al Gore launched Current TV in 2005 and it took off like a North Korean rocket. To be honest, I didn't even know that Current TV was still on the air, but then I don't get channel 'a million'." --Jimmy Kimmel

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