Sunday, April 22, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: John McCain, the 2008 Election, and Civil Unrest

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John McCain, the 2008 Election, and Civil Unrest: Adams
Executive Order 13547: “The Sleeping Power Grab”: Hot Air
Pelosi: Amend the First Amendment: CNS

All the Morals of a Bulldozer: Sultan Knish
Welcome to Über Liberal World!: RWN
FBI: Four Houston banks robbed within hours: ABC Houston


W.H. Blows Millions to Train Foreign Students for Outsourcing: WZ
Obama's Smoke-and-Mirrors Student Debt Campaign: AT
Obamacare’s devastating small business tax hikes: DC

Union-Backer On Scott Walker “We Cut Your Head Off”: Cove
Food Stamp Rolls to Grow Through 2014, CBO Says: WSJ
Illinois governor unveils "bold" plan to save pensions: Trib

Scandal Central

DOJ Refers Reporter to Media Matters, Source Claims: Breitbart
Good News: DOJ referring reporters to Media Matters: Twitchy
Stratfor and Business Insider?: Ameristroika

2012 Elections

Tea Party roars: Six-term incumbent Sen. Orrin Hatch forced into primary: Malkin
Dick Lugar at risk of losing Senate seat and reputation: LI
Mia B. Love wins Republican nomination in UT04: LI

Gallup: President Obama on the Brink, Polls Worse Than Carter: Ace
WaPo’s Steven Pearlstein wants to get Democrats, political terrorists together to solve problems!: RS
6 takeaways from the Orrin Hatch race: Politico

Jon Corzine Still Bundling for Obama?!?!?!: WS
The Obama Campaign Should Be Hitting the Panic Button: USN&WR
The Romney Campaign’s Tin Ear: Erickson

Climate & Energy

Earth Day Special: The Media's Top 25 Worst Environmental Quotes: MRC
The Illogic of Climate Hysteria: Watts
In '72, EPA battled pollution; now it's politics: WSJ


Steyn: Diving gleefully into darkness: NatlPost
PolitiFact Goes to the Dogs: Patterico
Cokie Roberts: 'Not As Bad As It Could Have Been' Is Not Really a Good Campaign Slogan: HapBlog

This Is What Democrazy Looks Like: Lady Liberty
From the ‘Too Good to Check’ File: RSM
More Civility from the Psychos on the Left: LoneCon


Bolton: Obama taking credit for killing bin-Laden is like Nixon taking credit for landing on the moon: Scoop
Legal Jizya: Taxpayers Billed $180 million for representing Muslim terrorist suspects: Atlas
Communist tyrants and their affinity for Rolex Watches: Babalu

Israel Counterterrorism Bureau calls on Israelis to leave Sinai, citing immediate threat: Haaretz
Dying Chavez Drops Out of Sight: JWF
Turnout solid in French presidential election: CNS

Royal Marine Lance Corporal Matt Croucher: Mellow Jihadi
Muslim mob torches Catholic church in Khartoum: Fox
From a Mexican kingpin to an FBI informant: LAT


Android Is Suddenly In A Lot Of Trouble: Insider
Hollywood Studios Lose World’s First Major Ruling on Downloading of Copyrighted Material: AllGov
Video gamers trying to emulate Humber's perfect performance: USA Today


VRWC converges on Charlotte; awesomeness ensues: Landmark Report
Great Britain Reclaims America: Diogenes
Green Energy Failures Continue to Hound our Campaign: WTF?: MOTUS

Image: Orrin Hatch
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Sean Bielat for Congress

QOTD: "The conventional wisdom is that the election is President Obama's to lose, but after the week he's had, if I were his Chicago campaign office I'd be hitting the panic button.

...The problem is that the president is in big trouble on the fundamentals. No matter which poll you look at, or how much you like the president personally, you'll see that a majority of Americans continue to believe that our nation is on the wrong track—and those numbers are stuck like a freight train facing the wrong way. Similarly, there are large and growing majorities of Americans who disapprove of the president's signature accomplishment, healthcare reform. Across all demographic groups, the number one issue is the economy—yet the number of Americans who approve of the way the president is handling the economy is abysmal. Chicago, we have a problem." --Mary Kate Cary

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