Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: The Tea Party: The greatest feminist movement?

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The Tea Party: The greatest feminist movement?: LI
West: Who's the Craziest Person Ever to Set Foot in Congress?: Nice Deb
IRS Might Have Stalinist Powers Under New Law: IBD

AZ Voter ID Law Upheld By Ninth Circuit (!) Court of Appeals: WZ
US Bishop: “Obama Following Path of Hitler And Stalin": Nice Deb
Tax (Disappearing) Freedom Day: Blumer

Injustice Dept. Is On the Ground Supporting Al Sharpton’s Racist Mob: MB
Estrada, victim of Democrat filibuster, to fight Obama appointments: Times
DNC press secretary has meltdown over Ted Nugent: Twitchy


Send out the punter!: Beacon
Harry Reid Shuts Down the Budget Process: Power Line
New Yorkers Line Up For Fake Obama Stimulus Cards: HAP

The Real GSA Scandal: Job-Killing Big Labor Payoffs: Malkin
Barry's Bank: Beacon
The Unfairness of the Buffett Tax: AEI

Good Economists: Williams
The Economy Needs No Conductor: Stossel
Jennifer Granholm doesn’t remember anything about being governor: NakedDC

Scandal Central

Pics show GSA official spa-soaking, drinking wine on the taxpayer dime: Beacon
Solyndra Employees Get $368K in Bonuses: Beacon
More Layoffs At Obama-Funded Electric Carmaker Fisker, Delaware Plant Is “Absolutely Empty”: WZ

House blocks EPA from banning lead in ammunition: Events
Human Rights Campaign leaks list of pro-marriage donors and their addresses: Wintery Knight
73% Think Photo ID Requirement Before Voting Does Not Discriminate: Rasmussen

2012 Elections

Republicans Lead in All Four WI Senate Recall Elections: Ace
Romney put a dog on top of a car, Obama put a dog on top of rice while eating it: FAM
The Blue Dogs’ death rattle?: Moe Lane

Climate & Energy

A Banana Republic, Unless You Can Avoid It: Hayek
Power grab: Obama’s “crackdown” on speculators is just another attempt to strangle free markets: IBD
Oil prices spike after Obama announces Chavez-like crackdown on 'Speculators' (i.e., Investors): Exam


Media Matters’ targets revealed: business, wealth, Christianity: DC
Married Secret Service agents’ classy motto revealed: ‘Wheels up, rings off’: Twitchy
IBD: WaPo Admits Trying to Bury Story that ObamaCare Adds to the Deficit: Tatler

Documents: U.S., U.K. Officials Were Worried About Obama’s 'Anti-American', 'Anti-White' Father: WZ
Did Ted Nugent Really Threaten the President?: Tatler
The Rocks in Tom Friedman’s Head: NoisyRm

Mooch: “This President Has Brought Us Out of The Dark And Into The Light”: WZ
AP Downplays Bad News About Housing Starts and Removes It From Headline: NB
Political Automotive Art: Meet "The Bama Bus": Urban Infidel


U.S. Sends Anti-Israel Advisor to Anti-Semitic Sweden: Gatestone
Exodus: Public school in Denmark says it can no longer take Jewish children because of 'security': Steyn
Beijing's Kim Connection: Beacon


Why a top app maker is ditching BlackBerry: CNN
Microsoft Really Blew It With These 9 Enterprise Products: Insider
Copyright conundrum in Oracle-Google case: Is a computer language fair game?: CNet

NASA’s Discovery shuttle wows Washington in 45-minute flyover: WaPo
Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus: Can a Second Google Wallet Phone Ignite Mobile Payments?: Wired


Wall Street Insider: “Obama Is Pulling The Mask Away For All The World To See”: Ulsterman Report
1st iOTW Merit Badge Issued: iOTW
And Now, An Economic Report From Mitt Romney’s Dog Seamus: Glob

1912 Titanic Disaster: Was Racism To Blame?: Cube
BigFurHat’s 99 Second Radio Show – Guest: Ann Barnhardt: iOTW
My Very First Romney 2012 button “At Least I Didn’t Eat My Dog” + a Bonus Obama Button: RWN

Image: 1912 Titanic Disaster: Was Racism To Blame?
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