Sunday, April 15, 2012

PM Netanyahu Brings the Snark, Pillories Anti-Humanitarian 'Flytilla'

All other things being equal, when intelligence fights idiocy, the mentally defective generally lose.

Dozens of pro-Palestinian activists were prevented from boarding Israel-bound flights on Friday, due to the fact that their names appeared on the blacklist distributed by the Israeli government to a number of European airlines.

Police are planning to intercept participants in the "Welcome to Palestine" actions at the airport and prevent their entry into the country. Hundreds of police officers are expected to be stationed at the airport ahead of their arrival, most of them unarmed and clothed in civilian dress.

Of the reported 1,500 pro-Jihad activists who had planned to arrive in Israel for a 'Welcome to Palestine' rally, nearly 1,000 received notice that their flights were canceled. Any making it to Israel were to receive the following letter from Prime Minister Netanyahu.

He might as well have added, "Fat, stupid and evil is no way to go through life, son."

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RebeccaH said...

That letter warms the cockles of my heart. Not that it will make much impression on the terminally stupid.