Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Obama campaign website yanks BET videos

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Obama campaign website yanks BET videos: DC
Judidical activism for me, but not for thee: Betsy
President Shows Off His Scholarity: Sundries

A Highly Developed Talent of President Barack Obama: Sowell
President Obama, Are You Serious? Are You Serious?!: Alexa
Obama Demands SCOTUS become His Rubber Stamp: NoisyRm

To The Race-Baiters: Now You Have Problems: Denninger
Appeals Court Angrily Challenges Obama: MenRec
Obama and the Mother of All Tyrannies: Harsanyi

2012 Elections

The Democrats’ Election Forgery Racket: Malkin
Wisconsin, Maryland GOP Primary Results HQ: RSM
Illegal Alien Mass Voter Fraud Discovered in FL: NoisyRm

Obama pitches 'second term' during NCAAs, fans revolt: Twitchy
Obamacare will be Romney’s savior: RWN
Obama’s Battleground Advantage: PJM


Absolute Beginners: Nancy Pelosi Says We Should "Begin" With Taxes On The Rich: Ace
Government Services Administrator Forced Out For Lavishly Wasting Money On Luxe Vegas "Conference": Ace
President Obama Accuses Bill Clinton of ‘Thinly Veiled Social Darwinism’: Cato

Dupes For the State: Williams
Paul Ryan Cracks Up At Question About Obama’s Latest Demagogic Attack: NiceDeb
Our Dangerous Dependence on Foreign Chocolate: Foundry

Scandal Central

Obama scrubs website: In a second term, it’s on, 'cause we don’t have to worry about re-election: FAM
Does Obama Know How the Supreme Court Voted?: RS
The Vetting - Valerie Jarrett Keeps Obama Close to Radical Roots: Breitbart

Climate & Energy

Good News! Reno Wind Turbine That Cost $21,000 Saves $4!: Pirate's Cove
Hey, what if we had invested all those useless green energy dollars in pipelines?: WyBlog
Inhofe Blasts Obama’s Latest Falsehoods: Cap And Trade Edition: CFP


The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet: Hawkins
Obama delivers what may very well be the worst speech in history: Elephant
Evolution of an Obama Dictatorship: Nullifying Congress to Nullifying the Supreme Court: NoisyRm

Two Florida Men Who Could Look Like Obama’s Son Carjack Man and Beat Him With Hammer: JWF
#Resist44: the Conservative Alternative to #Gen44: CDN
We have officially reached the David Dinkins stage of the Obama presidency: WyBlog

Bret Baier destroys whiny propaganda minister Jay Carney over Obama’s budget: FAM
AP Chairman Comes Close to Endorsing Obama: NoisyRm
Why Obama Shouldn’t Declare War on the Supreme Court: Meacham


Israelis blame administration leaks for ‘diplomatic, military and even operational damage’: World News Tribune
Why Did the Administration Leak the Israel-Azerbaijan Story?: Commentary
The Wasted 1-Day "Summit": Fausta

The Democratic Party and Jewish Anti-Semitism: Sultan Knish
Reichsf├╝hrer Ogabe Strikes Another Blow Against Israel: Nice Doggie
World Mourns As Communist Darkness Falls Upon America (2010): EU Times


Coolest jobs in tech: Hackers for hire: Ars Technica
How China Steals Our Secrets: NYT
So How Long Until We Can Write The Obituary For Windows Phone?: Insider


Did Obama '08 Threaten Chelsea's Life to Keep Parents Silent on Obama’s Ineligibility?: GodfatherPolitics
Hi Neighbor! Special Guest Commentary by the Palin Homunculus Living Inside Liberals' Heads: IowaHawk
Obama Circling the Drain: AWD

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Did Barry Downgrayedd just raise taxes and screw ‘working’ folks of $800?

Am I missing something here?

Barry touted his Payroll “taxcut” as a way to pay for the higher gas prices he caused, but he and his Media sycophants conveniently forgot to mention that this PR gimmick that will de-fund Social security was meant to replace the “Making Work Pay” tax credit that has just expired.

The ‘voting present’ President told us that it would add about $40 – but the discontinuation of the “Making Work Pay” will take away $800/Year of that.

Our dear liar wanted to leave the vague impression that this social security de-funding gimmick would mean $40 ‘a paycheck’. But is that $40 per week, every 2 weeks or every month?

As was stated in this posting:

Obama’s Big Deception: $40 Per Paycheck from the Payroll Tax Cut

Okay, now stay with me here. I know some people get payed monthly. Others, biweekly, but a majority of working people get payed weekly, and quite frankly, that is what the White House was banking on. Most people, would assume, that this tax cut was putting $40 per week into their pockets.

You will notice that the White House does nothing to dispel that impression. In fact, it says, the typical family earning $50,000 would see an extra $40 a paycheck. They don’t say a 2% cut in taxes or X dollars a week, but in fact, leave you with the impression, that on a weekly basis, one would see $40 more in their pay and over 52 weeks, that is $2080. has a handy Social Security tax cut calculator that shows the reality for a family earning $50,000 a year.

As an example, if the husband makes $25,000, he gets an extra $10.42 a week in his paycheck.

So for some “working folks” the social security de-funding gimmick “Gave” them $521 and the ending of the “Making Work Pay” gimmick took away $800. Essentially raising taxes in some cases by $279

As I said: Am I missing something here? Or did Downgrayedd just raise taxes and screw ‘working’ folks of $800?