Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Most Awesomest Public Service Evah: Outing Gangs on Social Media

Great idea from the guys and gals at Charleston Thug Life, who launched their public service website on March 31st and have seen traffic take off ever since.

What is CTL? It would appear that a few law-abiding Charlestonians are scanning social media sites for the local criminal class, meaning Facebook users who display weapons, drugs, drug money, and/or gang affiliations.

People across the country, and even in the socialist welfare state known as the United Kingdom, have repeatedly referred to these blog writers as "cracka asshole", "dude's a cracka...", and endless other variations. Racist and sexist all. The female members of the team are demanding equality and might bring the ACLU in to remedy the discrimination problem. We have been trying to talk them down, but you know the old saying about a woman scorned. Other members of the team really don't give a damn as long as the work is appreciated and the reader continues to see a value in it.

When screaming "racist" didn't work, those who seek to protect the criminals profiled here resorted to calling in the street lawyers. "You are violating Facebook policy....." Ha! We are constantly on the alert for those Facebook police skulking around. Right. Folks, let us lay it out very simply.

Charleston Thug Life is basically a non-government subsidized welfare agency that specializes in assisting drug dealers, jackboys, and gang-bangers publicize their businesses. They obviously want to advertise their activities and increase their customer base, much like a normal small business. Unfortunately, they are limited to the several hundred, maybe a thousand friends on their lists. CTL steps in and provides our own special advertising assistance and our clients are now getting worldwide exposure for their ventures.

Oh. And here's a good one.

Casualty Report and a Response to Rhonda Green

"Bigg Freedro Juicee" has deleted his incriminating profile.

Mrs. Green,

We are not sure which of the featured subjects you are referring to in your comments at the Post and Courier. In spite of this lack of information we will try to address your concerns.

We can sympathize with the plight of trying to raise a teenager in these troubling times. Some of us are struggling with the same dilemma. Keep plugging away at it.

That being said, if we found one of those children holding forth on the web about 'trappin' (drug dealing), flashing thousands of dollars, using drugs, displaying weapons, and threatening bodily harm to other 'trappas' (drug dealers), the last thing he or she would have to worry about would be embarrassment or the trauma of deleting his or her profile. An extensive non-DSS approved ass whipping would be followed by a thorough search of the home to ensure none of those illicit items were stashed anywhere in or around the residence.

Possession of certain firearms by minors is forbidden by law. Minors can't buy weapons, so the logical conclusion is those weapons in the photos are stolen. A consult with a criminal lawyer might be a prudent course of action. Or you could just call your local law enforcement agency and have them come out to explain the law to your son. I'm sure our public servants would be happy to play a part in his return to the straight and narrow.

If being featured here has "served as a wakeup call" for your son, then our goal has been achieved. Pointing out which blog star you are talking about would help us better address your issues.

Your comment leads the reader to assume you are speaking of the person whose photo was featured in the article. If you are referring to "Bigg Freedro Juicee" we would suggest you read the comments attached to the photos we captured. The evidence in that profile indicates something much more sinister than a kid trying to fit in.

We are pleased we could assist you in your child rearing endeavors.

The Charleston Thug Life Team

Keep up the great work, ladies and gents.

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Hat tips: ushanka and iOwnTheWorld


Joan of Argghh! said...

Just great. Now the white folks in Charleston who try to dwell peacefully in the poorer neighborhoods will be targeted for revenge.

Thanks for thinking of everybody, guys!

directorblue said...


Not sure I see the logic.

Pretending the drugs, guns and gangs aren't there obviously doesn't work.

Which is why these citizens created the site.

Get 'em off the street.

Chaz said...

Teh Stoopid! It BURNS!

Karl said...

social media works both ways!

Joan of Argghh! said...

Nothing is logical about where I live, Doug. Not even why I live where I do.

If they're gonna make a big deal about all this, and the police have to respond, then they're going to have to go all in or not at all.

And. . .nevermind.