Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Photo Quiz: Which Administration Official Did the Beautiful Russian Spy 'Honey-Trap'?

The Daily Mail:

Sexpot spy Anna Chapman came close to snaring a member of President Obama's inner circle in a honey trap, a top U.S. intelligence official has claimed... In a documentary broadcast last night, FBI counter-intelligence chief Frank Figliuzzi claimed the glamorous Russian agent got close enough to 'disturb' U.S. spy catchers.

He said the fear that Miss Chapman was close to seducing a sitting member of the Obama administration spurred agents to swoop on the 10-strong spy ring of which she was a part... Mr Figliuzzi told the Channel 4 documentary the auburn-haired spy got 'closer and closer to higher and higher ranking leadership... she got close enough to disturb us.

Which of the following administration officials did Chapman entrap?

Or was it someone else? Write your entry in the comments. And, please, be kind. These fine, upstanding officials deserve your respect.

Hat tip: Richard B.


Anonymous said...

I believe it wasnt chapman it was one of the other female spies and it was shrillary who was the target

Anonymous said...

I believe it was Anna Chapman, Shrillary, and Turbo Timmy in a lesbian three-way.

JeremyR said...

I believe Anna Chapman has far more class then that. She isn't a democrat after all, or a iar err lawyer.

GW said...

Its been rumored for years that the Hildabeast preferred to dine at the Y. As I recall, she used to travel all over with Huma Abedin, a former WH intern (what is is with the Clintons and interns?) and her "body slave." Huma left Hillary and ended up with Anthony "Have You Seen My" Weiner shortly before Chapman was arrested. Given the time frame - and that the Sec. of State would be the most valuable to the Russians - I would have to put my money on the Hildabeast.

In any event, given her choices, it must be said that Ms. Chapman must have loved her country very much indeed. Her sacrifice would have been extreme.

Karl said...

Have to disagree with you there, GW. For the target to be Hillary,

1) Hillary has to have a sex drive, and
2) No Russian spy would go there.

But I think you were close. Huma may have been the target instead.

Ms. Chapman is the only person on the planet who has made me reconsider my loyalty to the Obama regime. Bless her heart.

Anonymous said...

Since the FBI did not specify gender, I think maybe Napolitano, or Sec Hilda Solis. Geithner hung out with Elliot Spitzer, so we know he's a dog. It will come out some day, wonder who's taking bets, and what the betting line?