Saturday, September 10, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Obama Using 'Jobs' Plan to Pay for Campaigning

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Obama Using 'Jobs' Plan to Pay for Campaigning: Dossier
Solyndra: next stop for the FBI — the Department of Energy?: Toldjah
Solyndra for Dummies: Zombie

NY-9: Insiders Blame Obama for What Now Looks Like a Loss: VS
DCCC Conceding NV-2, Panicking About NY-9?: NRO
Turner blows past Weprin, leads by 6 in NY-9: WNYC

The Presidential Speech No One Attended: Publius
Put Country Before Party: Admit Social Security a Ponzi: RWN
All the wrong 9/11 lessons: Malkin


Are you smarter than a Moody’s analyst?: Surber
As Greece Denies, Germany Begins Greek Default Preparations: ZH
UAW poised to pay for voting centers: WISH

Closing In On His Own Self-Imposed Three Year Deadline...: Ace
961 Days In, Obama Tired of Others Dawdling on Jobs: Driscoll
Key Upcoming Dates In The European Denouement: ZH


FOX blows the Terry murder cover-up to pieces, and the Gunwalker Plot cover-up with it: Sipsey
Gunwalker Explodes: FBI Hid Weapon, Tax Dollars Subsidized Murder: Owens
Gunwalker Scandal Escalates: Grenadewalker?: PJM

Climate & Energy

A Rocky Road Ahead: The Problems with Plug-in Cars: Oil Price
Prince Charles Goes Over the Edge: RWN
Al Gore’s credibility – just 24% now consider him to be an 'expert' on global warming: WUWT


‘The Beauty of Social Insurance... It Is Actuarially Unsound’: Driscoll
Ringmaster Demands Halt to “Political Circus.”: Dossier
Hacked NBC News Twitter feed announces fake Ground Zero attack: DC

The irrelevancy of the Obama presidency: Milbank
Tom Friedman Goes on PBS to Once Again Explore His Extreme Envy of Red China: NB
Anti-Obama Street Art: The End Edition: Urban Infidel

Bachmann weighs in on “monstrous lie”-like Social Security rhetoric: Hot Air
Jacqueline Kennedy Reveals That JFK Feared an LBJ Presidency: ABC
Ron Paul Describes ‘Confrontation’ With Rick Perry On GOP Debate Stage: Mediate


Protesters Storm the Israeli Embassy in Cairo: GoV
Arab Spring: Hundreds of Egyptians Tear Down Concrete Wall Protecting Israeli Embassy: WZ
The Fall of Two Empires :Knish

Winning the Battle Against Al-Qaeda, Losing the War Against Jihad: Ibrahim
Link to 9/11 hijackers found in Sarasota: Miami Herald
Mexico Army arrests 7 U.S. citizens in Piedras Negras, Coahuila: Borderland

Turkey to provide armed escort for new Gaza flotilla: Telegraph
Erdogan says misquoted on warships: ynet
Anti-Israel Durban Declaration Reaffirmed: NRO


Crash Affects Millions Of Microsoft Users: MyFoxNY
Google's $500 Million Fine For Assisting In Evading Drug Importation Laws: Ace
Fired Facebook commenters ordered back to work: CNet


Remembering and Understanding 9/11: LATL
10th Anniversary of 9/11: Remembering Flight 11 Passenger Mildred Rose Naiman: Alexa
I Will ALWAYS Be A New Yorker - My September 11, 2001 Story : Zilla

Five Bits of Advice That Don''t Make Sense Until later: Ace
Dreams from their 2008 Obama: LI
Obama’s “Pass This Jobs Bill Remix”: Republican Redefined

Images: Mediate and WaPo
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "A half-century experiment in draping steam­ship anchors around the necks of the productive class and expecting them to run a four-minute mile has ended in failure. The confiscation of rights and property, the moral impoverishment of generations caused by the state’s usurpation of parental obligations, the elevation of a credentialed elite that believes academia’s fashions are a worthy substitute for knowledge of history and human nature, and above all the faith in a weightless cipher whose oratorical panache now consists of looking from one teleprompter screen to the other with the enthusiasm of a man watching someone else’s kids play tennis–it’s over, whether you believe in it or not. It cannot be sustained without reducing everyone to penurious equality, crippling the power of the United States, and subsuming the economy to a no-growth future that rations energy.

To which some progressives respond: You say that like it’s a bad thing." --James Lileks

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Reliapundit said...

re: dossier's post - re: the so-alled "jobs bill" is an excuse for obama to campaign on our dime:

The jobs bill helps his campaign in another way:

It's a handout to the unions which are prominent parts of The Machine.