Sunday, September 04, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Obama's White House is a Harvard Frat House

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Obama's White House is a Harvard Frat House: Events
The Big Setup: Dossier
The Mythical President: Bruce

The Fizzle in Drizzle: Ace
Obama Teleprompter Quits, But Will Still Write Comedy: ZH
This Week in Government Failure: Cato

An Unprecedented Insult to Obama: Patterico
Speaker’s Refusal of Presidential Address Is Precedented: VS
Presidential disrespect went around and now comes around: LI


Do Blacks Realize They've Been Played By Obama ?: Joshua
Union-backed LA School Board Slams School Choice: PubSec
Public Sector Union Perks: No Oil for Pacifists

Systemic Risk Returns: Is This Worse Than Lehman?: AEI
Suing the Banks... Now and Then: GWP
Loophole: Buffet's Berkshire Owes $1 Billion In Back Taxes : Lid

More than a Million New Food Stamp Users in One Month: Uncov
GM, Chrysler owner--the UAW--leans toward Ford strike: BlogProf
Germans oppose bailout boost, critical of Merkel: Mish

Climate & Energy

No One Could Have Seen It Coming... Except For Those Of Us Who DID: Zilla
All Those In Favor of Dirty Air and Dirty Water, Please Raise Your Hand!: Proof
Obama Bundler Made Multiple Visits to White House Prior to Getting $535M Loan Guarantee: GWP

Aww: Environmentalists upset at Obama’s retreat on air quality standards: Hot Air
Green Energy Scandal? Solyndra, Despite Sweetheart Gov’t Loans, Closes Its Doors: VS
Warmist (And Government Employee) James Hansen Wants To Arrest Obama And Hillary: RWN


Obama Scandal Update — “You Realize, Of Course, That This Means War”: Wizbang
House Gov't Oversight & Investigations Chairman Darrell Issa on the growing Fast and Furious scandal: Hewitt
Fast & Furious scandal may have its first cover-up: Lifson


Calculated Risk: Politicaljunkie Mom
9/11 Relics To Be Displayed In Museum Should Be As They Were: POH Diaries
Palin Undefeated: It's the crony capitalism, stupid!: SISU

Frank Rich: Obama presidency has been “rhetorical and…substantive failure”: Wizbang
Krauthammer: Obama Is 'President Zero - Zero Economic Expansion, Zero Jobs, Zero Ideas': NB
Left-wing kooks at New York Times now promoting sharia law: GWP

Paul Krugman and the Ozone Fairy: Patterico
Obama faces new conundrum in selling his healthcare law: Hill
For Those Who Don’t Know What Racism Is: Moonbattery


Postcard from Europe, Verging on Collapse: The Tyee
How taxpayers foot the bill for union bullies who live like kings: Daily Mail (UK)
Wikileaks Discloses The Reason(s) Behind China's Shadow Gold Buying Spree: ZH

Libya: An Islamist Terrorist Takes Command of Main Rebel Forces: BRubin
Illinois Governor Appoints U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Leader To New Advisory Council: Creeping
Huh?! Gov. Rick Perry Floated Idea For Bi-National Health Care With Mexico: Big Peace


Inside the iPhone 5: CNet
HP's trusty 12c financial calculator turns 30: NetworkWorld
Samsung pulls Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablet from IFA booth: CNet


Talking to your kids about September 11th: CBN
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs in the O-zone: MOTUS
It's 3 a.m. and Hillary gets a secure phone call... : LaughingCon

Former 101st GI on ‘Dancing With The Stars’: ArmyTimes
Data Points for your consideration: Spartacus 2002
Genius Comes in Many Forms: Jawa

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