Thursday, September 01, 2011

Pure Marketing Genius: Direct Mail Piece Contains Live 9mm Round With Super Clever Headline - "If you had just one shot..."

The folks at PublicIntel got a hold of an example of pure, unmitigated fail courtesy of a marketing company called ATX Global. Federal officials recently sent out the following warning to state and local law enforcement:

...The FBI has been notified that ATX Global, an online marketing company, has mailed approximately 730 envelopes that include a marketing letter with an affixed live 9mm Luger PPU round. The ammo was used to catch the reader’s attention corresponding with the first line, “If you had just One Shot…” This mass mailing did not specifically target gun and ammo businesses.

...The FBI and US Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) contacted ATX Global and confirmed that they are an online marketing company who works with all industries. The USPIS has requested all zip codes that the envelopes were mailed to. This bulletin is provided for your situational awareness in the event you or someone in your jurisdiction receives these letters.

Let me take a wild guess: the head of ATX Global's marketing department is a Democrat.


SBVOR said...

Granted, it's a dumb idea. But, also effective - you gave them free advertizing.

Did anybody test fire a round to confirm it is actually a live round complete with gunpowder?

Anybody capable of reloading 9mm rounds could have reloaded rounds sans gunpowder or sans primer.

Anonymous said...

Even if it's a live round, it ain't gonna hurt you.... Unless you manually twist it into yourself or others, in which case, it could be very uncomfortable.

Barry Popik said...

What? No golfing President Obama Stamp? I'm saddened!

FYI, my political slang website section cites you on several terms, such as "Al-Ruetzeera," "DeMarxist," "ThinkRegress," "Muffington Post," and "National Organization for Ugly Women."

Anonymous said...

I guess this may set precedent in some way... Let's see if it escapes notice if you were to send something like that to your elected representative! On another note... would you want an advertising agency representing you that can't even spell check their own copy? "... haven't heard FORM you"?


SBVOR said...


Perhaps the problem is they relied upon an automatic spell checker which found "form" to be a correct spelling.

Our local so-called "newspaper" does that all the time.