Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Obama: Capitalism Has "Never Worked"

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Obama: Capitalism Has "Never Worked": Ace
Obama embraces liberal fascism in Kansas speech: Greenroom
Ixnay on Cordray: Not another Obama czar: Malkin

Ten Years to Greece: Stossel
RNC: Let’s not personally attack Obama next year: Hot Air
The Stupid Party: Walsh

Kings of Crony Capitalism: Power Line
Corzine-Bubba Twist: MF Global hired Clinton’s group: Post
Karen Harrington- “A Two-State Solution is Already in Place”: Shark


Then and Now: American Digest
Obama vs. Capitalism: Harsanyi
Obama's New Villain on Job Losses: The Internet: Ace

President Obama’s Inane Payroll Tax Campaign Ploy: Motley
Obama Union Goon: “Obama the only choice for the 99%”: JWF
Hoyer: More Unemployment Payments Reduces Unemployment: CNS

Gunrunner & Energygate

Video: US approved large escalation of legal gun sales to Mexico: Hot Air
Fast & Furious Cover Up Coming Apart Fast and Furious: Ace
Gunwalker’s Cousin: ‘Moneywalker’?: Owens

Climate & Energy

CO2 ... The World's Savior?: Wolf Howing
Great News: DHS drafts 'environmental justice strategy: Exam
New hurricane record – 2232 days since major Hurricane made landfall in USA – most since 1900: Watts


Snared in the Soros Web: NoisyRm
Survey of Conservative Bloggers On The 2012 GOP Primaries: RWN
Former NRA Chairman: Sharon Bialek was terminated before Herman Cain was even hired: Nice Deb

Bob Woodward: Gore Told Me That the Public Knows Just 'One Percent' of Clinton's Dealings: NB
Transcript of Newt Gingrich interview: Beck
Santorum on Trump: Couldn't Be Any Worse 'Than What We Get from the Mainstream Media': NB

The 5 Best Paul Krugman Meme Pics: RWN
It's Time To Give Up On Mainstream Economics: Martenson
Hollyweird distraction of the day: Alec Baldwin booted off plane: Malkin


Obama’s new gay rights strategy? FAIL. Check out MY new gay rights strategy.: Zombie
NAACP begs United Nations to block US voter ID laws: Toldjah
Obama to Iran: Enjoy Your Nukes!: Simon

Jerusalem Post: the U.S. is an ally no more: JPost
Islamic ascendancy intensifies US appeasement: Word From Jerusalem
Experts: Nuclear Iran Would be Game Changer: CBN

Pregnant Gang Rape Victim to Be Lashed 100 Times After She Delivers Baby: GWP
Perry on Obama Administration’s Use of Gay Rights to Make Foreign Aid Decisions: Rick Perry
China begins to admit 'fog' is really smog: MSNBC


Verizon blocks Google Wallet on Galaxy Nexus: CNet
Verizon Blocks Google Wallet on New Smartphones: WSJ
Mark Zuckerberg's private pictures leaked after security breached on Facebook: Post


Iowahawk Geographic: The Secret Life of Climate Researchers: IowaHawk
The Ultimate Hamburger: American Digest
President Obama stops at We B Smokin Barbecue: Dossier

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If you look at the police department, their creed is to protect and to serve. A soldier’s mission is to engage his enemy in close combat and kill him. Do we want police officers to have that mentality? Of course not." --Arthur Rizer

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