Friday, September 07, 2012

Top 10 Vintage Media Putdowns of Obama's Disastrous DNC Speech

How bad was Obama's recycled mish-mash of a speech last night? So bad that even antique media panned it across the board.

10. Pittsburgh Tribune Review’s Salena Zito: “Lack Of Jobs Mention In The Speech Is Telling…” (, 9/6/12)

9: National Journal: “Why Obama's Speech Fell Short” (National Journal, 9/6/12)

8: CNN’s Brianna Keilar: “Don't Think I'm Going Out On A Limb To Say Clinton Was Wayyyyyyy Better Than Obama.” (, 9/6/12)

7: CBS’ Bob Schieffer: “It Just Didn't Have That Spark.” SCHIEFFER: “But this as not the kind of speech that Bill Clinton made last night. It just didn't have that spark.” (CBS, 9/6/12)

6: The Washington Post: “A Mixed First-Term Record … Rhetoric Has Not Been Enough To Overcome The Problems The President Faces.” “...rhetoric has not been enough to overcome the problems the president faces … Words can’t end the war in Afghanistan, fix a still-staggering economy or close a huge budget deficit...” (The Washington Post, 9/6/12)

5: Politico: “Obama And Vice President Joe Biden All But Ignored The Affordable Care Act.” “Barack Obama's health care law consumed much of his presidency and much of the Democratic National Convention, but you wouldn't have known it Thursday night. In back-to-back speeches, Obama and Vice President Joe Biden all but ignored the Affordable Care Act.” (Joanne Kenen, “Obama's DNC Speech All But Ignores 'Obamacare',” Politico, 9/6/12)

4: The Washington Post: “Gone Was The Huge Stadium Crowd That Flocked To Hear Him Speak In An Almost Messianic Setting Four Years Ago…” ...Gone also were the replica Greek columns that stood as a symbol of his grand ambition when Barack Obama accepted the Democratic nomination for president in 2008.” (The Washington Post, 9/6/12)

3: University Of Virginia’s Larry Sabato: “It Was Purgatorial.” “I see the usual suspects (love you all) are either praising Obama's talk to high heaven, or damning it to hell. No, it was purgatorial.” (, 9/6/12)

2: CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: “A Lot Of Stuff We’ve Heard Before.” ... “Going on to the next chapter right now, Jessica Yellin, our Chief White House Correspondent. You sat with me. We listened together. I thought there would be more specifics. There were a lot of goals expressed, generalities, a lot of stuff we’ve heard before. I didn't hear any specific new initiative that the President unveiled.” (CNN, 9/6/12)

1: ABC News’ Rick Klein: “Strange Silence Prevailing In The Arena.” “Almost no confetti at #DNC2012, and strange silence prevailing in the arena” (, 9/6/12)

No tingles were harmed in the creation of this list, as Chris Matthews could not be reached at press time.

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