Saturday, September 08, 2012

Two can play this game: FAA supervisors reportedly warned employees that a vote for Mitt Romney would mean their jobs

The minor barrier of legality has never been much of a hurdle for this administration:

Senior FAA officials accused of telling workers 'job security' at risk if GOP wins

Two federal agency supervisors allegedly warned employees earlier this year that a Republican takeover in Washington could threaten their jobs -- comments that some workers apparently took as guidance on "how to vote" and that one group claims may have violated federal law.

Two can play this game.

If you own or work in a small business with two or more employees, I would tell your co-workers the truth.

Electing Barack Obama could very well cost you your job.

His naked, destructive agenda of taking from "the rich" (small business owners) and redistributing it will reach ramming speed if he is reelected.

The EPA is poised to publish new, even more onerous regulations on the air we exhale -- CO2 -- in order to control all industrial production in the U.S. If you own a dry-cleaner, a gas station, a laundromat, a convenience store, a machine shop, or virtually any other business, you are guaranteed to come under new, onerous, and expensive regulations.

Energy prices -- gasoline and electricity -- will skyrocket, just as candidate Obama promised in 2008. If you own a fleet of cars or trucks, expect significantly higher expenses.

Obamacare kicks in for real in January, conveniently just after the election, and offers an impressive set of 20 new taxes, including new fees on medical device manufacturers, new taxes and regulations on investment income (including the sale of your house), increased payroll taxes, and new taxes on insurers.

Those are just off the top of my head. If you thought the president had acted lawlessly over the past four years, you ain't seen nothin' yet if he's reelected.

Every small business owner in America should -- correctly -- warn their employees that their jobs are at serious risk if Barack Obama is reelected.


The MUSEman said...

Might Obama fight a war on home vegetable gardens?

Thanks for reading!

heidi said...

I have nothing against people telling their subordinates on whom to vote. But I think we should first take a good look of Obamas' platforms and ways of redistributing wealth before we make interpretations on our own.