Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: We Need Republicans Who Will Punch Back Twice As Hard

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We Need Republicans Who Will Punch Back Twice As Hard: Jen Kuznicki
ICE Union: Obama's Amnesty Orders are Illegal: Suzanne Hamner
Gun-carrying criminals taunting NYPD cops after stop-frisk ruling: Post

A Fool's Errand: Maggie's Notebook
Run Away!: Scoop
Staggering Incompetence: Peter Wehner

An Excellent Dumb Question: Dave Blount
Calling It Treason: Jeffrey T. Brown
Conservatives Should Oppose Syrian Intervention: RS


Attention Dick Trumka, MLK called; he wants his dream back: MOTUS
We're Turning Japanese Now: Sultan Knish
Labor Day: 90 Million Americans Without Jobs; 36% Of Population: Mac Slavo

Scandal Central

DEA accesses Americans’ phone records dating back to …: Ed Morrissey
Unlikely Figure Claims Obama Is Muslim Brotherhood: Shoebat
DEA Can Access 26 Years of AT&T Phone Records: Liz Klimas

Climate & Energy

Obama’s Tsunami Of Regulations Sending Capital Oversees: LoneCon
Environmental Activist Vera Scroggins Endorses Pedophilia: Dave Blount
Nature Suggests Treating “High Carbon Lifestyles” Like Drug Addiction: William Teach


All the King's Bootlickers: Sean Davis
Flashback: Chemical Weapons In Syria Include WMDs Shipped From Iraq: WZ
"Impeach Obama" ad to appear in Washington Times: Watchdog Wire

You’re wrong and you should know better: This Ain't Hell
Is 'Family Guy' Programming Young Voters to Despise Republicans?: Tim Graham
CNN Staging Fake News On Syria?: Marooned


Kerry: Dining With "Hitler": Atlas
Suez Canal Attacked by Terrorists: Foundry
Caroline Glick: Obama is turning United States into a global laughing stock: Scoop

Mideast Nuclear Holocaust: Raymond Ibrahim
Pentagon pushback: Joint Chiefs said to oppose Obama’s Syria strike order: World Tribune
American Troops to Obama On Syria: We Didn’t Sign Up To Fight For Al-Qaeda: WZ

Snub: While In Russia, Obama Will Meet With LGBT Activists Instead of Putin: GWP
Obama has given Cameron the chance to go back to Parliament and overturn Thursday's vote: Dan Hodges
Russia Wants to Talk to US Congress About Syria: VOA


Candy Crush: You play, you're hooked. Now what?: Jennifer Van Grove
Stephen Elop Is Now the Microsoft CEO Candidate to Beat: Kara Swisher
Did Microsoft's Nokia purchase just put the final nail in BlackBerry's coffin?: Matthew Miller


Error Sends Bradley Manning to Death Row, Nidal Hasan to Gender Reassignment Surgery: DuffelBlog
September 1st, 1939: Chicago Boyz
Ain't As Easy As It Looks: Diogenes

Image: American Troops to Obama On Syria: We Didn’t Sign Up To Fight For Al-Qaeda
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QOTD: "President Obama addressed the 50th annual convention of the Islamic Society of North America via videotape, praising the U.S.Muslim Brotherhood entity for its partnership with his administration. A Clarion Project report showed that the convention’s roster of speakers includes many extremists.

“Over the last half-century, you’ve upheld the proud legacy of American-Muslims’ contributions to our national fabric and this gathering is a testament to that tradition,” Obama says to ISNA.

The gathering is anything but a testament to American tradition. The speaker with the most sessions (eight), Zaid Shakir, preached earlier this year that the U.S. Constitution is flawed because it grants equality to Muslims and non-Muslims.

Siraj Wahhaj, who is teaching five sessions, has a history of anti-American preaching and now advises Muslims to avoid discussion ofSharia because “we are not there yet.”" --Atlas Shrugs

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Damn you Boehner.
We know from "shock and awe" that air power is not the final solution. Did you miss the video of Iran's crimes? Have you forgotten the perfidy of Pelosi, Reed and the putrid Democrat cabal who pursued Bush?
Damn you Boehner, what does the NSA have on you?
You have gutted our Military and rolled over for BarryCare and now you think supporting Osama bin Obama is good policy?
What will you do when American ships lie at the bottom of the sea and our blood flows freely? You have your head up Barry's butt and the drumbeat you hear is Barry's Muslim pulse and not the heartbeat of the American people.
We promise to turn you out to pasture and by God we can only hope it is without benefits.