Friday, February 07, 2014

Uhm, any of y'all seen Reggie Love's bong?

Hey, it's not me.

It's the Internets:

President Barack Obama left many viewers with the impression that he was stoned on drugs during his interview broadcast Friday night on NBC as part of the network’s coverage of the Sochi Olympics opening ceremony. The session with Bob Costas was taped Thursday by remote with Obama at the White House and Costas in Sochi, Russia.

This screen capture posted to Twitter by M. Joseph Parry shows Obama with droopy eyelids, bloodshot eyes and a droopy mouth.
Parry commented: “Uh, I am pretty sure President Obama is high in this NBC sports interview.”

...Parry was not alone in his observation. Twitter lit up with user’s astonishment at Obama’s stoned appearance in the interview.

Obama was a stoner in high school and college to the point he reportedly sucked the last wisp of pot smoke from the interior roof of cars when he and the choom gang, as he and his druggie friends called themselves, got high...

To be fair, I'm pretty sure Reagan was a stoner, too.

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Anonymous said...

Obama brings respectability to the Office of President in the same way the Internet brings respectability to the uninformed opinion.

Many years ago I was working on a control system in a large meeting room at Boeing. I had eased in during a meeting and heard one man give his presentation then excuse himself for another appointment. When he left, the fellow at the head of the table looked around and asked "can any one tell me why he is here?" I had quietly witnessed the end of a career. America must be asked the same question about Barack Hussein Obama.

I listened today as Hannity discussed Leno's last night. He commented that he was troubled because it seemed Leno did not want to leave and the unanswered question was 'why would the Network get rid of a successful show'?
Leno has been an outspoken critic of the Toker in Chief and one has to wonder if one of these days soon he'll also be audited.

There's a Snuffer on the loose in America and for all appearances America is relishing the molestation.

Anonymous said...

Was it:
Ffffffffffffffft, hey dude, pass the Benghazi.
of course I'm OK Mom, when's dinner?
"how did I get in THIS room?"

Unknown said...

Is it possible he has Bell's Palsy?

Anonymous said...

"To be fair, I think Reagan was a stoner too" was in bad taste.
What concerns me is, if a international crisis happens, as in Russia invading Georgia during the Olympics, a stoned US President would be incapable of making rational decisions, Obama's foreign policy up to date reflect my concerns.
cui bono

Anonymous said...

I am so looking forward to President Biden. Thanks Dems for bringing the country the best of your party to lead us out of those horrible Bush years.

-- theBuckWheat

MtTopPatriot said...

I'm kinda confused Doug.
What exactly kind of "love bong" is obama sucking on here?
Is it Reggie Love's bong,
or is it obama loves to suck on Reggie's bong?
Or is it they are both huffing on a bong and sucking each others bong?

Whom is sucking what?

Anonymous said...

Mr. President;
Having been privy to White House briefings, having also a top security clearance, and a close relationship with you I must express my thanks - but there are several high level briefings that you have not yet received. My team will see to it that you receive this information on Monday.
In particular I need to say that you are being watched, and not just in public. Your activities and words are closely monitored not only in the White House but everywhere you go. We saw what Michelle did in Oprah's bathroom, you owe her a new toilet handle. Information has come to us that thoughts are being introduced into your mind by aliens and these are influencing outcomes. Sir, the best way to avoid/control these is in the Brown Room. There is a new tin foil on the market sold primarily at Fred Meyer. It is highly effective in keeping beams at bay.
This is the tip of the iceberg Barack. They are everywhere. Till then my Brother, stay safe and watch your 6.
Clifton B. Rutherford Malcomb Hayes VI

Anonymous said...

Why is Obama not drug tested periodically with the results made a matter of public record?
Why will every American's medical records be open for scrutiny when the CIC is an outed communist homosexual drug user?
Is this a great Country or what?

Anonymous said...

Do you hear the footsteps Barry?
Sheriff Joe is coming to get you.

Anonymous said...

We are all stoners now.

MtTopPatriot said...

If you like your cocaine and marijuana you can keep your cocaine and marijuana!

Bob Mack said...

Had to incorporate this BHO pic into a cartoon.