Saturday, February 15, 2014

"Follow @directorblue on Twitter or the puppy gets it"

I'm so close to 5,000 followers I can taste it. Metaphorically, of course. Because that would be very unsanitary in real life.

Anyone else willing to pick up the gauntlet on the road to 5,000 followers?


J.P. Travis said...

I already follow you, Doug, sorry. At least I think I do. I'm a bit of a social media retard.

K-Bob said...

You made me look!

But I was already following you on the tweeter thingy.

(Under the @ArticleVProcess handle, at least.)

Unknown said...

Obama he's not shooting puppies, he's shooting peoples Mind

Anonymous said...

I don't do social media. They're against my religion.

But good luck accruing followers.


Anonymous said...

Lol you're such a fucking moron, Doug.